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going back to work FULL time bf help!

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pinkyp Fri 14-Oct-11 20:45:30

I've recently been offered a full time job which i would like to take but i'm worried about my 10month old ds. Currently he bf 1-2 times during the day and most of the evening / throughout the night off and on. My shifts at work will alternative one week 8-4 the week after 2-10. I thought if i was on 8-4 i could feed him 1st thing then at lunch time express and then feed him at 5pm when i finish. BUT when i'm doing 2-10 i thought i'd feed him 1st thing, then before i go at lunch time ish and express around 5 but i'm worried about 5-10pm. He normally cluster feeds from 7-8pm and will feed to sleep.

I've been thinking of maybe changing his routine so he goes to sleep around 10pm which means i'll always be able to feed him morning and night and express during the day.

God thats confusing, i just dont know what to do! I've got 2 weeks to get it sorted sad

organiccarrotcake Fri 14-Oct-11 20:59:51

Sounds like some tough decisions. It's worth trying a strategy to see how it works, but keep an open mind about it and change if necessary. It might be hard to change his evening routine - he may just get tired - or it might work. Alternatively you may find that your OH is able to work out a way to get him to sleep when you're not there, although it may take a while.

I'm sure that it will be fine but there will certainly be an adjustment period.

Enjoy your work smile

Tryharder Fri 14-Oct-11 23:44:19

He'll probably be fine. I work shifts including late evenings and nights (FT) and have still managed to breastfeed all mine beyond a year.

He feeds to sleep at the moment because you are there to feed him to sleep iyswim. If you are not there, he'll have to be content with being rocked to sleep and given a bottle of milk or supper instead. IME babies of this age are quite pragmatic and will accept the new routine pretty quickly.

pinkyp Sat 15-Oct-11 00:33:22

I know it's me that's panicking really. I'll just miss him sad

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