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10 mo dd refusing all bottles

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Limy Fri 14-Oct-11 15:40:45

My dd is teething and has a bad cold. She has been ill since Sunday but since Wednesday she has been refusing all bottles and I am getting a little worried that it might harm her in some way. I have tried using a cup but she won't take her milk that way either. She is drinking water and is doing plenty of dirty and wet nappies, although they don't seem as wet. Am I right to be worried or should I not worry so much, after all in two months she should be on to cows milk anyway. Should I try her with cows milk? Thanks for reading and any advice.

MigGril Fri 14-Oct-11 17:32:52

I would think that as long as she is drinking fluids and eating something. although if she's feeling ill she's mite not be eating much. Then she'd be fine. I think fulids are the most improtant thing if they are ill.

If your that concered then a trip to your GP mite be a good idea. I've always found that they are happy to check any baby if your worried at all.

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