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Feeding crisis....

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Savannahrose Fri 14-Oct-11 15:07:54


I just need some advice. I weaned by baby at 17 weeks but now she's gone off her milk completely in the day but takes a lot at night time. Is this ok? Example
About 3 4oz bottles through the night one more around 9am then porridge then about 2.30pm baby food maybe 2-3oz about 4pm another baby food about 7pm then bottles around 8pm then through the night.....
Is this ok? I'm ok mad thinking she's not getting enough milk it can drive you crazy!

tiktok Fri 14-Oct-11 15:12:27

How old is your baby now, savannah, and what does your HV say? Was there any special reason you intro'd solids at 17 weeks? What happens if you offer milk in the day? What happens if you offer it in a cup?

diyvspse Fri 14-Oct-11 15:15:31

I'm sure she will be fine - but curious to know why you started weaning so early?

Sounds like she is getting enough milk, though at inconvenient times for you!

For what it's worth, no matter how much you fret about what they're eating/drinking you can never get them to take more than they want.

Savannahrose Fri 14-Oct-11 15:20:47

She is 21 weeks. My HV agreed to wean early as she wasn't keen on milk to start she would be having 13-15 bottles a day and it still wouldn't be enough I introduced baby rice aptamil one, en fruit and veg own made. It is inconvenient as I am 15 weeks pregnant and she hasn't slept for 3 weeks now!!!!!!!
She knows when she wants milk and when she wants food but in e day it's food more tan milk. She just sucks for a few seconds then brushes it away....

4madboys Fri 14-Oct-11 15:29:26

how many oz does she have? she should be having at leat 20oz a day but this can be topped up with cheese and milk?

my dd was fussy with her milk, she goes through phases but it has been hard to get the minimum in her, i always offer milk first before food, but she never ever had more that 25oz a day even just before she started on solids (weaned at 6mths) she now has 3 4oz bottles a day and one 5oz bottle and then i make her porridge with her formula to try and get a good amount of milk in her, she doesnt always finish each bottle and has recenlyt started refusing the lucnh time one.

it sounds like she is reverse cycling if she is having most of her milk in the night? i would try and encourage her to have more in the day. i would let her have milk as usual during the day and then a dream feed at about 11pm and then see if she will go through till 6am withotu milk? offer her water if she wakes? and then maybe she will be more hungry for milk in the day? but that may be tough to do, does she hav ea dummy or other comforter she can have int he night?

diyvspse Fri 14-Oct-11 15:30:22

I'd be asking the HV back to help with the night feeds!

Savannahrose Fri 14-Oct-11 15:35:00

I try a dummy but it only lasts about 20 mins then she crying again she is going ever 2-3 hours in the night for a 4oz bottle. She will have 2 bottles maximum of the full 4oz in the day then bit and bobbing. I do offer milk first before food....I've tried to only give her foods rich in milk I.e potato and parsnip mixed with formula and cheesy bake. She hates water! I've tried so many times she is sooo fussy x

ALovelyBunchOfCoconuts Fri 14-Oct-11 21:43:30

Could you try feeding her more during the day? Are you making her porridges etc with her formula thus ensuring she is actually getting the milk eventhough she isn't actually drinking it? Perhaps if she is fuller during the day she may settle and sleep for longer needing less milk during the night? This may have a knock on effect to her hunger levels during the day and she may take more of her bottles during the day.

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