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Nursing strike - reassurance and advice!

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PemPemLondon Thu 13-Oct-11 20:26:17

Hi all

Just looking for some reassurance I guess. We have had so many feeding problems from day one, recently diagnosed reflux which is now being treated, then that was followed by lots of distracted feeds, followed by a week of general fussiness at the breast and the last two days, pretty much full on nursing strike. He's 4 months. Oh, and HV thinks he's teething.

I spoke to a helpline counsellor who suggested possible low milk supply (last few days, he will pull off after a few mins and if I try to put him back he cries) Low milk supply had never crossed my mind, I always believed there would always be milk there. And I sometimes have slight over supply in the mornings.

Now I have my doubts, and realised today I can no longer feel let downs or hear so many swallows. I am very stressed and wondered if that could affect supply.

Initially I just though he was just not needing to feed so frequently because of his age? (he rarely demands feeds, I instigate them every 3 hours and he usually takes 10 mins from one side and a min or so from the other. He only feeds once during the night around 3 and occasionally sleeps through)
But today when I offer he turns away completely, I persist and then he cries. Eventually he is clearly hungry but by this point he is completely put off the boob and cries until he falls asleep. Then I have managed to feed him as he emerges from sleep. Not an ideal situation.

I have started to pump after every 'feed' (a couple of minutes of sucking) and am doing as much skin to skin as poss. He's a very wriggly baby and not hugely cuddly so this is a struggle too! He just wants to play. Despite not feeding well this week, he is lively, chatty, smiley and seems to be learning a lot about himself and the world!

He is putting on weight well and has lots of wet nappies.

I desperately want to bf for a year or more, I have been loving it so much, but am so disheartened that he doesn't seem to enjoy/want it anymore. it breaks my heart.

Please tell me this is a phase!?

Am trying to do all the right things but am quite anxious about the fact that we are going away tommorrow and I am worried he'll be more unsettled. On the other hand, I'll be around friends which generally makes me more relaxed.

Has anyone experienced this and how long did it last!?

Thanks in advance !

PemPemLondon Thu 13-Oct-11 20:26:38

Sorry so long, once I start I can't stop...

JiltedJohnsGhoulie Fri 14-Oct-11 18:37:50

Not experienced it Pem but didn't want you to go unanswered. I'm not trained but am quiet surprised that the BFC said it might be low supply. Was it one of the Bfing helplines and did she offer any tips on how to deal with it?

There is some info here on babies refusing to nurse and here on low supply. Does any of that sound like what you are experiencing?

If it was me though I'd be tempted to stick Dentinox gel on his gums (if they look like he may be teething) and ring another Bfing helpline.

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