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6 week old - frequency of feeds / skin to skin - TikTok and other BF gurus!

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citymonkey Thu 13-Oct-11 17:22:09

I posted earlier in the week about my son being fussy on the breast and feeding for less time than usual. Yesterday most feeds were less than 10 mins, other than before bedtime which was longer. Today he seems less fussy but my fast let down is still an issue and he sometimes chokes / gags when he is feeding which is a bit miserable.

I today wondered whether I / we would get any benefit from doing skin to skin even though he is 6 weeks old today? I was never really advised to do this (and didn't know to do it myself) despite the fact that when he was born he was slow to feed (he seemed to have a lot o mucus) and this resulted inhim being put on anti biotics for 48hrs in case he had an infection (no infection was found). When I got him home I fed him 3 hrly as this was per a book I'd read - and I often had to wake him for feeds. He has woken up a bit now but per my other thread feeds for short time.

Have I caused this by not doing skin to skin in the v early days? He doesn't often seem really hungry. Will more skin to skin help with getting him to feed for longer (though think this as per above is linked to my fast let down), or am I too late??

tiktok Thu 13-Oct-11 18:21:22

citymonkey - you can do skin to skin any time 'cos it's a nice thing to do and mothers and babies usually like it smile

I can hear in your post you are still anxious. But your baby is thriving and and doing well. You haven't 'caused' shorter feeds by not doing skin to skin - he is doing just fine nutritionally with his shorter feeds, but yes, I expect he'd enjoy a skin to skin cuddle!

citymonkey Thu 13-Oct-11 18:27:19

Thanks TikTok :-) You should get some sort Of award for all the amazing support and advice you give :-)))

Yes, I am still anxious, but working on it :-)

Do you think 3 hrs between feeds is too long? Sometimes (like now!) he sleeps longer and I amnot sure whether best to wake him or let him sleep..

doylejudith Thu 13-Oct-11 20:59:43

my baby is 9 weeks old now and I noticed at around the 6 to 7 week mark, her feeds got shorter. I think this is because she was getting used to it and feeding much more efficiently. I also have a fast let down and my baby used to gag and spit, but now she guzzles happily and even gives a little chuckle as I bring her to the breast! its so cute. I hope this helps you to realise that what you are doing is fine.

citymonkey Thu 13-Oct-11 21:38:02

Thanks Doylejudith, so good to know things could get better! Tonight he just wants to have the boob in his mouth - I think for comfort as opposed to food though?? When I take it out to put him in his basket he wakes up! Not sure whether to give him a dummy to fall asleep with then whip it out or whether this will confuse him with nipple??

tiktok Thu 13-Oct-11 23:51:46

citymonkey, how about just going with your baby's flow? Stop timing him, stop looking at the clock, and instead respond to his apparent requests (tonight, for instance, he really 'asked' to be kept close to you and the breast and this is fine)....and let him be the 6 week old baby he is at the moment smile It is fine for him to suck for comfort, and he doesn't need a dummy....why would you give him a dummy, when you are happy to feed him and he is happy to be fed?

Your baby is thriving. You know this. You and he are getting this thing right together! 3 hrs between feeds is fine, as long as your baby is fine....and he is. You have already found that sometimes the gaps between feeds are very short, esp when he cluster feeds. That's fine, too.

MigGril Fri 14-Oct-11 17:40:22

What tiktok says.

If he want's for feed a lot in the evenings take him down stairs put your feet up and watch some TV(or what ever you like to do with your feet up I like a good book). You get rest he get lot's of cuddles. Everyone's a winner.

citymonkey Fri 14-Oct-11 18:08:13

Thanks guys. He seems to be feeding for longer in the afternoons / evenings (went for about 20 mins this adternoon which is a long time for him!) the last couple of days, but then seems unsettled (well, just grunting and whinin but not that hungry??) from about 5am. Am hoping he is going to start seeming to enjoy eating a bit more - he sometimes looks a bit overwhelmed when the milk is shooting in to his mouth! Last night did lots of skin to skin which seemed to have the desired effect though as I say he seemed to just want it in his mouth as opposed to food!

citymonkey Sun 16-Oct-11 11:31:45

He is now frequently feeding for only 5-8 mins at a time (last couple of nights has went longer in the 4pm / 7pm ish feeds), and will only take one side. He really guzzles for that time then isn't interested. Feeding 2.5 - 3 hrly day and night. I know you say I shouldn't time his feeds but it us the only comparable I have - now am really worried about weight gain and know I shouldn't get him weighed every week but am worried he is going hungry and I will be making him lose weight. I want to carry on BF him more than anything and am terrified HCP may advise me to give up if he loses weight.

I am going to a BF group next week bur is there anything obvious I could be doing wrong? I feel like there must be something.

tiktok Sun 16-Oct-11 12:12:36

From what you say here, citymonkey, you are not doing anything wrong and there is not anything wrong with what is happening, either.

Healthy babies don't 'go hungry' without showing signs of it - either by their behaviour (in the vast majority of cases), or their appearence, or their growth. Your baby is growing just fine (from what you have said on other threads) and his behaviour is normal. I guess he looks ok, too smile

For three weeks you have worried about his short feeds sad sad You've been timing and worrying and remained concerned he is doing something, or you are doing something wrong sad

You clearly have a generous supply and he is a great feeder, so he gets what he needs in a short time....this is fine fine fine smile smile

I honestly still think you have a problem with anxiety and lack of confidence, but not feeding.....can you share these concerns with your HV so you can start feeling good about the wonderful bf you are doing, and begin to enjoy and feel proud? smile

citymonkey Sun 16-Oct-11 12:44:50

I have spoken with the HV who is lovely and also said she thought I wad v anxious, she had given me some info on BF groups etc. He is growing well as of last weigh in which was Tues, but is only last few days feeds have got REALLY short. Have also noticed he is producing less big poos I think. I might get him weighed again this Tues as am supposed to be visiting parents next week so can't go then.

I so hope you are right TikTok and he is getting what he needs.

tiktok Sun 16-Oct-11 15:14:15

I'm glad the HV is supporting you, CM, and it might well help to meet other mothers.

Please, please, don't start assessing poo size sad sad This tells you nothing useful at all in a baby beyond newborn.

It sounds to me that your ds is coping really well with a generous milk supply which at time has made him a bit spluttery. Short feeds on one side only at a time is what babies do when they don't need the vast volume their mums are producing - he is getting what he needs and ensuring he is less overwhelmed by the excess smile

If you think weighing him will help your anxiety, then of course you should get him weighed. I suspect that whatever the result you will still worry...this really needs to be tackled I think.

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