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generally how much expressed milk would a bf baby need for a feed?

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otchayaniye Thu 13-Oct-11 12:28:33

I'm having a party for my fortieth and am banking up some expressed milk so I can have a (good) few but don't really know how much I should allow for one feed -- 3 ounces, 4?

Also, any tips for expressing. I can get 4 ounces in the morning if she's not fed form that breast (we co-sleep) in the early hours. But only 2 ounces if I express at any other time. Have to express as she feeds or else I don't get a let down. I'm offering a bottle of 2 ounces every night or so to get her used to a bottle (been ok so far)

She's 8 weeks and I have a good supply (massive at the beginning and wish I'd been in a better state to express then....)

I am a rubbish expresser, or else my Avent electrical pump is rubbish, and never really succeeded with my first child and consequently never really had a night off.

MigGril Thu 13-Oct-11 12:43:41

This is a good calculator to work out how much milk your baby would need

As for expressing, have you tired hand expressing? Some women get on better with hand expressing rather then a pump. Another thing to consider is the funnel on the pump the right size for your breast this can make a differences to.

Have a read through the section on keelymom about pumping miet give you some good tips to try. But 2oz is actualy a good amount to pump. It's normal to have to pump a couple of time's to get enough for a hole feed.

Pumping to early can cause problems with over supply so don't worry about not having expressed then it could have cause more problems.

otchayaniye Thu 13-Oct-11 13:02:28

thanks much milgril.

TruthSweet Thu 13-Oct-11 13:20:49

I really wouldn't say you were a rubbish expresser! 2-4oz is a cracing amount express especially when you are bfing as well.

I was in hospital when DD3 was 6m & again at 9m and she only took at most 120mls a feed (approx 4oz) but mainly 90ml (3oz) - even when she was 6m and not on any solids so a 2-3m/o wouldn't need huge feeds.

Good info to give who ever is looking after baby here so they don't overfeed baby.

Have a great night out too!

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