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16m.o. B.F'ing every 1-2hrs thru night. I'm 7wks pregnant+exhausted!

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mammainlove Thu 13-Oct-11 12:04:36

We love co sleeping and i dont wish to change this at the moment. I have managed to ween dd to just nap and bedtime feeds (and accidents) in the day which she took to quite well, but if i try and comfort her when she wakes in the night any other way than b.f'ing she screams for ages, getting louder and more distressed that i have to give in. I cant bare to let her get this upset and i'l do anything to get back to sleep, but this much waking up cant go on! I do make sure she has a good dinner and supper, but it makes no difference. Please could anyone offer any advice, i cant think straight, thanks x

Angel786 Thu 13-Oct-11 21:39:05

Sorry to hear that mama. Can't say I've been through it but just trying to show my support!

Sounds like you really need some rest. How long do you intend to bf for? With the night time feeds when your DD wakes up is there anyone-else (a partner / your parents?) who could deal with her to ensure she does not get fed. It certainly sounds like it is a comfort rather than a need. Baby Whisperer did a lot of pick up put down stuff which although tricky seemed to work with my DD when I phased out the night feeds (used to be 1am, 4am 7am, then 1am and 7am, then just 7am). There were a few nights of adjustment (crying etc) but it didn't take as long as I feared.

Or if you want her to have breast milk at night could you express some in a bottle so someone-else can feed her and you get a break?

Good luck!

mammainlove Thu 13-Oct-11 21:57:46

Thank you angel! I dont really have a date in mind that i'd like to stop b.f. I know it has to be gradual but i honestly wouldn't mind if it stopped tmrw! I forgot to mention dd clamps my nipple with her teeth too so it's painful and difficult to get off. Yes i have dp but i think dd would be even more upset if i just left her with him, she totally relys on me for comfort! (daddy for playfighting) yes i have baby whisperer, she screams when she is picked up in the night..

Angel786 Thu 13-Oct-11 22:05:52

It took us quite a while with the pick up put down thing as DD would get even more angry when she was put down! But I saw the Baby Whisperer on some random sky tv channel and Tracey seemed to always get the other half in to deal with night times for 2-3 night (and they are rough nights so you may want to stay elswehere if you do try it out) and then the babies all seemed to be ok. It did work for us in the end tho. It's just so hard denying them comfort when you know you can calm them down.

I stopped before DD teethed so can't offer much support there although my friend said with her children she used to say no firmly and they wouldn't bite. That having been said, I spend my life saying no to DD (don't eat the plug / climb the tv stand etc) and she looks at me and carries on...!

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