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Feeling bad

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peachplumpear Thu 13-Oct-11 00:22:50

So I wanted to have a drink tonight (4 cans) until now I have ebf, ds 11 weeks. Because I wanted a drink I bought some formula as I really struggle with expressing, ive tried electric and hand pump. Ds has wolfed the formula down and now I feel really guilty for being so selfish. Don't no wether I should feel like this or if I've done any harm, I don't want to stop bf I love it, but just want some freedom. Sorry for long post, thanks

Loopymumsy Thu 13-Oct-11 06:38:34

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

birdofthenorth Thu 13-Oct-11 06:42:08

I felt the same when I eventually gave DD formula, but there's no need to feel awful. The odd night off is allowed! Hope you had a good night & managed to relax a little. Don't spoil it by beating yourself up smile

tiktok Thu 13-Oct-11 09:04:06

peach , no need to suspend breastfeeding because of a drink - the amount of alcohol that reaches the breastmilk is tiny. You can read the facts here: and find the factsheet on alcohol.

For the vast majority of babies, the occasional use of formula makes no measurable difference to health. But continuing to breastfeed with no formula and engineering a break should be possible, too smile

An0therName Thu 13-Oct-11 09:17:22

don't worry the odd formula can't take away from your massive achievment of BF. Expressing-the only way I got enough was regular morning expressing - often with baby on the other side - go a bit each time - froze that and then combined when I needed a break
its also good that your DS takes a bottle some LO's don't..

tallwivghoulies Thu 13-Oct-11 10:56:00

I hope you're listening to these wise mnetters ppp wink and stop beating yourself up x

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