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Colief and BF

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chinateacup Wed 12-Oct-11 16:24:11

I'm sure there was a thread about this recently but search is only finding items from 2006 so apologies for any repetition.
Wise Ladies, if you have used Colief whilst BF did you express the recommended several tablespoons to mix it with? Or less? Or just put on nipple?

Also, I understand the principle of how it works in FF but how does it break down the lactose when BF (if you are not expressing the whole

tiktok Wed 12-Oct-11 16:43:38 is the thread smile

I have never understood how Colief is supposed to work with breastfeeding - for the same reason you state. I guess it gets the colief into the baby's tum, I suppose.

I would imagine you do need to mix it so putting it neat on the nipple might not be a great idea. Can you call their helpline? I think there is a no. on the pack.

You might also want to consider if there is some other reason for whatever-it-is your baby is experiencing....the thread linked to has some ideas.

chinateacup Wed 12-Oct-11 17:04:37

Thankyou. I didn't put colief in the title for the search blush

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