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When to worry about slow(ish) weight gain in larger baby

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WombOnTheBroom Wed 12-Oct-11 15:25:50

DD is 12 weeks and EBF. She was 98th centile for weight, length and head circumference at birth and has gained consistently about 4oz per week. This has meant that she's now on the 75th centile and has dropped two centiles. She's dropped on length as well - is measuring around the 75th for that too. I've tried to get in touch with our health visitors but they are very stretched and have had no response.

DD is generally very happy - when awake she is alert, doing what she ought to ref developmental milestones etc. She is noticeably less podgy than she was at birth though still has a moderate level of baby fat (IYSWIM). She does however sleep A LOT. I know this could be akin to complaining that my diamond rings are too tight, but she sleeps for 12 hours straight at night and feeds only about 5-6 times during the day. She'll only feed from one side per feed - even if encouraged to wake up - and when she wakes in the morning she's not even that bothered about having a feed immediately.

(When) Should I be worried or counting my lucky stars? DS was a very hungry baby so I'm not used to someone who's not as obsessed...

RitaMorgan Wed 12-Oct-11 18:03:13

Their birth centile isn't massively relevant - I've heard it reflects how good the pregnancy was rather than how big the baby "should" be. My ds was born fairly big on the 75th centile, but fell to the 25th over the first 6-8 weeks and has stayed there since (now 14 months). He always gained weight, was happy and healthy etc so no worries.

I think usually they refer you back to the doctor if they cross two centile lines, but even then it's normally fine. If she sticks to the 75th now I wouldn't worry.

WombOnTheBroom Wed 12-Oct-11 18:34:31

Thanks Rita - that's reassuring. I do (according to my MW) 'grow good babies and placentas' (sorry if TMI!). I was strangely proud of that although I did feel a bit like a brood mare.

I know in the 'red book' it says that you should get in touch with the HV if baby drops two centiles - hence my concern. Also DS always tracked the same centile so I never had to think about it with him. Will keep a closer eye on her weight over the next couple of months to make sure it doesn't dip significantly.

sc2987 Wed 12-Oct-11 22:05:51

If you want to encourage her to feed more (if weight does become an issue) skin-to-skin in a sling during the day, and bedsharing with accessible breasts at night (she might not even wake you up!) would help.

WombOnTheBroom Fri 14-Oct-11 10:32:40

Thanks sc2987 - I tried the sling yesterday and she did want to feed more often. I also managed to go to a BF group and saw a BFC. She said that DD could do with an extra feed or two per day so I'm trying to make sure she gets the chance even if she isn't demanding a feed. The BFC wasn't too concerned about the weight gain as she said that a lot of babies born at either end of the centile charts tend to drift to the middle, like Rita said. Thanks both.

organiccarrotcake Fri 14-Oct-11 11:04:14

Offering her more feeds, like you are looking at, seems like a good plan. She sounds like a dream grin.

grin @ diamond rings being too tight!!

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