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colief / advice / breast fed baby

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nannyl Mon 10-Oct-11 13:35:07

dr has prescribed my 3.5 week old breast fed baby colief. Infacol has not worked

is there a way to make this easier?
i think i have to express milk so its warm (ie body temp)
then add the (cold) colief
then spoon feed this to my now screaming hysterical baby. (she goes from fine and happy to i want feeding now and screaming in about 5 seconds)

Thankfully i have a massive over supply of breast milk (I drip 6oz a day shock and already donated excess to SCBU) so can im wondering if i can mix colief in my dripped milk? but its cold as kept in fridge, so probably not?

also because i have so much milk i use breast shells to collect the excess milk from other breast, and as she feeds 2 hourly, i will now have even mroe to sterilise for every feed...

a breast shell, a pot with coleif in, a clean pot for milk from shell (I cant get up or move as i pour milk everywhere as breast shells are soooo full) a spoon, and my whole breast pump stuff for expressing the milk for the colief....

rather a lot when she feeds 2 hourly during the day.

I am fine about it at home, but surely this is a massive faff when out and about, expressing, mixing, spoon feeding, collecting my leaking milk etc etc

have i missed something?

It would be far easier to bottle feed a carton when out and about!!! but i am completley pro breast feeding, and have no intentions of giving my baby formular ever if i can help it....

i thought breast feeding was supposed to be easier, LOL

any short cuts or have i missed anything to make this process easier? especially at night / if out of the house?

nannyl Mon 10-Oct-11 13:43:19

also, the bottle looks tiny, and she has 4 drops per feed.... any idea how long such a tiny bottle will last?

tiktok Mon 10-Oct-11 13:53:11

Blimey - this sounds like over-generous supply, which is usually far more easily dealt with by 'block nursing' rather than faffing about with coleif.

I am dashing so cannot reply in detail but if you search block nursing or block feeding or over supply' here on mumsnet you will find loads of info.

You might also think about not expressing - that makes the problem much worse.

Hope this helps.

shefliesthrutheair Mon 10-Oct-11 13:59:07

colief IS a faff, and I'm afraid I can't remember how I did it, but just wanted to say that it turned dd into a different baby overnight - worked wonders. We weaned her off it after only about 3 weeks and she was then fine, so for us it was well worth the hassle.

I hope you find a solution, either way!

pixiefluff Mon 10-Oct-11 14:03:22

Hiya...sympathies...I have run the gaunlet with 2 'colicky' babies, & I know its exhausting.
I tried coleif with DD...just used to squeeze out about a teaspoon full of milk, add the drops, wrestle them into her then commence with the rest of the feed.

Led to some pretty fraught scenes with me leaning over a teaspoon attempting to aim my flow accurately while DD wailed in the back ground!

Have to say, no colick remedy ever really worked with either of mine, and i just had to hang in there till they calmed down a bit around 3/4 months old. Really hope coleif works for you.

Good luck!

nannyl Mon 10-Oct-11 14:22:00

tiktok, i dont express, i drip! flow shock

my mum and grandmothers have all had same issues as have all my biological female relations... i dont express it, i just collect it

breast pads cant cope with 1onze in 20 mins lol

but coleif says to express.... im hoping i can use dripped milk instead, but not sure....

tiktok Mon 10-Oct-11 14:42:31

Ah, I see.....then honestly, do investigate block feeding before messin' about with the colief smile

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