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An offer to mums trying and struggling to introduce a bottle

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hidinginthecupboard Sun 09-Oct-11 22:46:09

Hi - my DD would not take a bottle when she was little - I remember being very despairing about it and tried umpteen different types just so I could have that elusive couple of hours away not to mention the ebm I ended up binning...sob..

Anyway was having a clear out recently and found an unused 5oz Learning Curve Breast Flow bottle - it was a free sample I think, either way I never needed to use it as it all sorted itself out. Bit loath just to throw it away and don't know anyone who needs it so am happy to post to anyone who is having similar issues and wants to give a different one a go without spending a fortune on different bottles. (bitter moi? oh no grin )

PM me if you would like it.

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