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tandem BF vs weening DS? Help please

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tinky19 Sun 09-Oct-11 21:41:03

DS, 18mo, was born by emcs and I despite trying for 4 weeks, I was unable to sustain exclusively bf. However, despite introducing formula, I still bf my DS and still do.
I am now 32 weeks pregnant with DC 2 and finding it very dificult to decide what to do. I really want to bf DC2 if possible but am finding it very difficult to ween DS.
We had managed to get it down to one feed in the evening but then DS began teething again and seemed to want lots of extra comfort, followed swiftly by a really nasty cold, not to mention moving house. All of this has made me find it difficut to refuse to let him feed as I know how much it comforts him.
I have heard conflicting advice re tandem feeding after having a low milk supply first time round. Will it lessen a low supply? Or, as I was also advised by a BF expert, DS continuing to feed could help draw the milk through as it were and help increase the supply ??????
Any ideas? Has anybody experienced low milk supply? Did it improve second time round? Would tandem feeding be possible in my case? If not, how on earth do I ween DS off bf in 6-8 weeks?
Any help would be great!

TheRealMBJ Sun 09-Oct-11 21:50:30

Hi tinky congratulations on your pregnancy.

Please feel free to join the rest of us on the pregnancy and bf thread

There are so,e of us that have decided to wean, some who accidentally weaned, some who aren't allowed to wean even if they want to, a recent birth and (hopefully) and immenent one. grin so you'll get lots of different perspectives about it.

Have you read or heard of Adventures ? It's a really fascinating book with lots of good information and ideas. It also helps one feel a little more comfortable with your own decision.

FWIW, I believe that tandem feeding is a great bonding experience and eases problems with sibling rivalry when the new baby is born, so it may be easier for you and less traumatic for your DC if you just continue as you are t the moment.

Please do come and join us though smile]

The more the merrier.

tinky19 Sun 09-Oct-11 21:55:26

Thanks MBJ where are you? On the pregnanct topic areas?

TheRealMBJ Sun 09-Oct-11 21:57:16

smile on Breast and bottle. I've just bumped the thread.

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