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Bottle refused by 15 wo DD - any tips?

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crochetcircle Sat 08-Oct-11 09:22:32

My 15 wo DD is EBF. We introduced a bottle at 6 weeks - it took a while for her to accept it (10 days?) but since then she's been taking expressed BM regularly.

This last week she appears to have decided she will not have milk from a bottle anymore. The bottle really upsets her. I've tried a nuk teat, previously she had avent, and also tried going up to the 3month+ teat. None are working.

She will sometimes play with the bottle and nibble the teat, but doesn't like it when the
milk comes.

Any ideas on how I can help her take this up again?

joruth Sat 08-Oct-11 14:54:56

Could you try a cup now?...I know we are all conditioned to give milk in bottles but none of mine would ever take one so I gave EBM in open cups when they were tiny and then swapped to Tommee Tippee free flow cups later on (about 16 weeks)...they drank enough to get by and they were easy to sterilise and didn't interfere with BFing.

drappel Sun 09-Oct-11 19:59:22

Had the exact same problem at about 12 weeks and it lasted to 22 weeks of him refusing to bottle feed. Just getting back into a bottle a day having not tried for 10 days and he took it as if he has always been fine.

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