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10 months old - how much milk does your baby have?

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AmandaNov10 Sat 08-Oct-11 08:27:03

Hi everyone,

My 10 (and a half!) month old has started walking for a night feed at 4am. I am sure she needs the feed. I am aware this is a big sleep regression stage but one way or an other there is no way she is going back to sleep without a bottle, believe me I've tried. And she takes the whole bottle which I don't think she would if she didn't need it.

She gets poridge or wetabix in the morning with milk in a cup which she will take about an oz of. She then gets more milk in a cup at 10 am with toast and the amount she drinks at this time varries between next to nothing and a few oz. The a bottle at 3pm (obviously lunch is a solid with water as is dinner) she usually takes about 4-5oz of this then a bottle before bed. I've started to make this 8oz, hoping she'll take it all and sleep through. She will take between 6-8 ooz at bed time and still wake at 4.

So please tell me people, does this sound 'right' to you and I should put the waking down to sleep reggression and hope at 10 and half months I'm almost out the other side, or do you think she's not getting enough milk? I have thought about a bottle at 10am rather than a cup and a snack but this seems like a stepback?

Please tell me about your ten month olds milk routine!!!


RitaMorgan Sat 08-Oct-11 08:31:47

I think formula fed babies are supposed to have about 20oz a day up to 12 months.

Mine was on 4 feeds a day (no night feeds) at 10 months.

bigkidsdidit Sat 08-Oct-11 08:39:42

My 9mo has 8oz at 6.30am, 3pm and 7pm, he generally drinks 20-22oz. Also milk with weetabix for breakfast and yogurt after dinner. Could you add some milk in the morning before breakfast?

minimuffy Mon 10-Oct-11 21:02:04

are you me!??!

having the same problem with DD, managed over the weekend to stop get her down to a bottle at morning and night (8oz) but water or juice during the day as im trying to get her off the bottle. (big struggle for daytime naps!)

She is also waking up alot just now i didnt know about the sleep regression, i think part of my DD problem is that every time she woke up i gave her milk, and now she is waking up for milk, the other week she took 2 full bottles over the night after her night bottle! think that was when i realised that she does not need that much at night. currently just giving her water overnight in the (possibly vain) hope that she will realise that she is not getting milk.

we currently have her in a travel cot in our room as going into her room that many times in one night was exhausting for me and DH! and then she ends up in bed with me and DH goes downstairs to sleep!

if you find anything that works please let me know!

should also add that DD was not eating much during the day and now that her day time milk has stopped she is eating a full wheatabix (with formula), egg in a cup with bread at lunch and chicken tikka masala at night!

she normally takes aptamil stage 1 (HV told us not to use follow on, as stage 1 was sufficent untill she got onto cows milk), but we are trying hungry milk again to see if it helps our night time situation!

hope this helps, i forget to check back on threads sometimes, so you can PM me if you want some chat!

blackcatjay Mon 10-Oct-11 21:18:23

10.5 months here too - this is roughly what we are on at the moment..

6am ish 5oz bottle
9am breakfast & water
10.30 snack & water
11.45 lunch & water
1pm 5oz bottle
4pm snack & bottle
5.30 dinner & water
7pm 5oz bottle

DD has only recently dropped a night feed and is sleeping through fairly reliably now - she cannot seem to drink more than 5oz - anymore and she is sick! She eats loads though and is content so I don't think its a problem. Your routine/amount of milk sounds fine.. what about using some of the bedtime milk to make up a little bowl of porridge for supper? Or give her a bottle at 10/11pm when you go to bed (Just for a week or 2, although that seems like a backward step too) Sorry thats all I can think of! Good luck

AmandaNov10 Mon 10-Oct-11 21:59:03

Thanks everyone for getting back to me! Minimuffy I'm rubbish at checking threads too, as you can see! Things have been a little better over the past few days, touch wood! I've tried to make sure she's having about 20oz per day and last two nights she's slept through! I've just started giving her a bottle, 5oz in the morning rather than milk in a cup and everything else is the same, the 5oz was basically what she was getting in the night so fingers crossed!!

My DD was really bad at eating for a while too, it was that I want to feed myself thing. All the advice I was getting from everyone was to let her and that seems to be working! Now she'll let you feed her with the spoon sometimes too I think because she knows sometimes she can feed her self. If that makes sense.

Like you Minimuffy I'm trying to reduce bottles and give her her cup but I think I maybe need to acept she's not ready yet and still needs a couple of bottles. Was speaking to my sis in law at weekend her DS is 15 months and she said had exactly same thing about 10 months soudden night feeds and by about 11.5 the stopped as sudden as they'd started!! Fingers crossed!! Keep in touch! Good luck! xxx

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