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different rates of milk flow from each boob, can I even them out?

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loomer Fri 07-Oct-11 19:57:37

Am currently enjoying breastfeeding DD2 (2 weeks old) but I've noticed that my milk flows much more rapidly/voluminously from my RH boob than from the left, and I wonder if this is something that I can affect? LH nipple was until recently much more sore, and I tended to favour feeding for longer on the right because of it, but I'm not sure whether the supply of milk has now been affected by this, as I have been feeding fairly evenly for the past few days.

Both boobs are about the same size, if that makes any odds!?

1catherine1 Fri 07-Oct-11 21:51:31

If it is possible then I need to learn how too.

My boobs both seem to work differently to each other. My left is prone to blocked ducts that empty occasionally and my right boob fills up quicker and seems to satisfy LO more. DD is 6.5mo now and still BF and I've given up using the swapping rule. We now have left boob for snacking which includes her morning cuddle feed (dreamfeed) where she goes back to sleep in my bed (think this is what clears my blocked duct imo) and any daytime feeds after she wakes up. If she is hungry though only the right boob will do as she's too impatient for the slower supply of the other one. This boob we affectionately refer to as sleepy boob as it is the only one she will fall asleep on at bedtime. confused strange but true...

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