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Adjusted age query?!

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beckieperk Thu 06-Oct-11 16:58:25

I'm just curious now does adjusted age work the other way too...? My ds was born 2 weeks after his due does this mean my 10 week old has an adjusted age of 3 months? I'm wondering as my friends family keep telling me how advanced he is, for example he is holding his head up for ages when on his tummy, he can roll over, sits up well in a bumbo seat and has been properly  laughing for over a week. Not that it really matters and I know all babies are different but just curious for growth spurts and other developmental reasons too. :-)

hazchem Thu 06-Oct-11 17:33:35

I know my LO had really good head control right from the beginning. Even as a new born. I put this down to the fact he was on the large size (10 pound 2). As i'm a firm believer in the due date is between 37-42 weeks if you see what I mean.
I do think his head control mean I felt more comfortably with him on his tummy so he got stronger that way.

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