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Advice re block nursing

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TinyDiamond Wed 05-Oct-11 22:19:25

Hi there,
I am block nursing to try and counteract over supply issues that may be causing reflux in my 7 wo dd.
I started a separate thread and had great advice to try block nursing and have been doing so since yesterday.
Today I have used 4 hour blocks (sort of loosely, may have been slightly longer once) which was sort of 9-1 left, 1-5 right, 5-9.30 left.
Not been too painful, a little lopsided but haven't been out so no problem.
My question is: I last fed on the left at about 9.30. She is now asleep but next time she wakes I will obviously switch to the left.
Now, when I am working on 4 hr blocks does the time start from when I last fed or when the next feed starts? For instance if she doesn't wake until 3am then this is clearly much more than 4hrs so would I have to go back to the right? I'm pretty sure that would not be right as then lefty would practically pop but I need some clarification.

TinyDiamond Wed 05-Oct-11 22:37:10

I meant 'obviously switch to the right'
Long day

TinyDiamond Thu 06-Oct-11 10:48:35

Does anybody know. Been winging it. Thanks

peanutdream Thu 06-Oct-11 13:35:29

Hi TinyDiamond, I suppose if you are going to pop lol it would make sense to feed of that side. Tbh I wouldn't get too concerned with it - try feeding off the mega full side and carry on with your blocks during the day. This may be enough to sort yourself out. If you leave one side too painful and engorged you run the risk of blocked ducts/painful engorgement/mastitis etc as you won't be clearing the milk...


TinyDiamond Thu 06-Oct-11 13:38:42

Thanks peanut that's sort of what I've been doing I guess it's just common sense but needed to check. This is day 3 now still not seen any difference yet but hanging in there

peanutdream Thu 06-Oct-11 13:51:01

no worries TinyDiamond. keep going grin. you could always move to longer blocks if its not working in a few days... go with your instinct...

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