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Please help or I can't bf any more - BITING!

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CardyMow Wed 05-Oct-11 19:56:13

I really want to bf DS3 (8mo) until he is at least 1yo. But he cut his top teeth just over a week ago (he has had his bottom teeth for a few months) - and the biting is getting unbearably painful now. There are NO warning signs. When he does it I have tried :

Pulling him in close so he can't breathe so has to let go - doesn't help because he bites down HARDER before letting go.

Trying to unlatch him - but this is not possible because he is biting down so hard that I cannot get my little finger between his gums to prise his jaw open.

I have screamed in pain - it doesn't make him let go, only bite down harder

I have tried pinching his nose so he can't breathe and has to unlatch - but, again, he bites down HARDER before he unlatches.

I am at the point where I would just give up - except for the fact that DS3 will NOT take ANY bottle or beaker - I have tried at least 5 different types of bottle and 6 different types of beaker/sippy cup.

Whenever I give him a bottle or beaker, he shakes his head, shouts 'NO' and throws it and yells for mik mik.

He doesn't eat much solid food - is BLW, and not overly interested in much other than bananas yet.

I don't have a partner to pass him over to to give him a bottle, am an LP, so when I try, he can smell the milk on me. And besides - even when Ex-P HAS tried to give him a bottle, DS3 won't take it from him either.

So I'm worried that if I give up BF, he still won't take a bottle, and will be screaming with hunger and I'm a softy and can't bear that! But equally, I can't bear having bleeding holes in my nipples either.


CardyMow Wed 05-Oct-11 20:18:53

PLEASE! I am putting off doing his bedtime feed as I'm so worried about him biting me. I have at least 6 bite marks in each nipple, some where they have bled, all from today.

MigGril Wed 05-Oct-11 20:48:39

Sorry maybe a bit late but have a read hear for lot's of tips

If it's any consilation I've found with both mine that bitting tends to be a phase and often come's with the first few teeth. They soon learn they get no milk when bitting and it has always passed.

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