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Need advice again! ( 14 wo ebf)

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Mampig Tue 04-Oct-11 22:00:01

Hello all! For the past week or so my 14 wo ds has been feeding every 2 hours in the day. Takes his night time sleep from between 8/9, then wakens about 2 am when I take him in to my bed. I feed, co- sleep from then on. But he now wakens every hour for feeding. This frequent wakening is only past week- maybe a little longer. I feed and sleep so not a real problem but I would prefer him not to as not long before I go back to work! Any suggestions?? Do you think he's actually hungry or just wakening for comfort? I've read no cry sleep solution so could use those tips but I wouldn't if I thought he actually needed to be fed.

tiktok Tue 04-Oct-11 23:50:58

Impossible to say if it is hunger, thirst, need for reassurance and comfort, and for your baby, there is no real difference between those things - he just feels he needs you to put something right, and you = breastfeeding smile

Most 14 week olds are not able to take in sufficient calories in the day to sustain normal growth, so he needs it physically, from the sound of things, but also emotionally....he is very young and often young babies do go through stages when they wake up often. Some mothers get to the stage where they barely wake up themselves and the baby gets expert at needing very little help to help himself smile Sounds like you have got there, in fact.

Mampig Wed 05-Oct-11 08:14:48

Thank you TikTok- just what I needed to hear smilesmile

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