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straining breast fed 8 week old-is this normal?

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carrotcakeinbarcelona Tue 04-Oct-11 15:51:13

My little boy makes grunting, groaning and straining noises that usually start about 2 or 3 a.m. and can go on several hours. They seem to be after his 2nd feed in the night, so I'm presuming it's wind, but could it be just wind if it's this bad? He doesn't actually cry but the noises he makes indcate he's pretty uncomfortable. His face is a bit red and he pulls his legs up.

I don't think he's constipated although the sounds he makes sound like he's trying to do a poo and there isn't always one (now seems to be a big one every other day or so, although we have gone 5 days without a big poo, but I hear this is normal in breast fed babies? up until 3 weeks ago it was every day)

What seems to make him a bit better is feeding him more, even if he's just fed and keeping him on my breast and sleeping most of the night like that, maybe because he's not on his back then? I don't always burp him as he's fallen asleep and as he doesn't seem to sleep much I want to maximise it when he does! I'm just worried that it's not normal, and don't want to get into bad sleeping habits because of it.

Thanks for reading and any ideas, advice or suggestions gratefully received!

Birnamwood Tue 04-Oct-11 18:08:12

Watching with interest as this sounds like my 6wk ds2. it's horrible to see them like this isn't it? ds1 had silent reflux (which has very similar symptoms)although ds2 doesn't seem as acute. I hope it's just griping pains and will pass. It may be worth you talking to your hv/gp. I also put him to sleep on his left side as this helps.

TheBluthCompany Tue 04-Oct-11 18:18:44

My DS did this at around that age too. Dont know what it was, but he grew out of it.

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