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How do you drop the morning feed when breakfast is 2 hours later?

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greeneone12 Tue 04-Oct-11 08:55:55


My DD's first milk feed of the day is 6am and her solid breakfast is at 8am. Would it be a case of brining breakfast earlier to say 7am if I didn't give milk? Just that feels quite early for breakfast!

Or feed from one side and give solids in the middle to cut her down like that? Not sure how to do it.


MrsBradleyCooper Tue 04-Oct-11 09:00:31

How old is she?

I think I just brought breakfast forward, but I was FF so it might have been a bit easier.

When I was BF I found it very very difficult to drop feeds so may have to go with another posters advice!

greeneone12 Tue 04-Oct-11 09:03:01

She is 11 months old and as she is a bottle refuser I am really REALLY keen to stop just after her first birthday, unless she really doesn't want to (please let her want to!!). I guess the only way to find out is try but thought I might find some pearls of wisdom on here. Bringing breakfast forward does seem the obvious choice. Thanks!

Beaurevage Tue 04-Oct-11 09:47:01

If she's refusing bottles would she take a sippy cup? I found this one on the weekend and DS was quite happy with it....until he realised there was formula in it! It's nice as the spout is rubbery/soft so still provides that comfort aspect. I'm assuming your DS is BF? Is it the formula that she doesn't like? My DS is definitely not keen on formula...

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