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How will I know if what im eating isn't agreeing with LO?

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CrazyAlien06 Mon 03-Oct-11 23:30:49

hi, as title asks really lol.
Keep hearing stories about people eating things their LO didn't agree with whilst breastfeeding, will they become irritable? Or is it all done through what is the end result in the nappy?

Sorry if it's obvious question but 1st time mum here to a 6 day old and we re getting on fantastically with bf ( touch wood!) and want to be aware of any signs of any food not agreeing with her


BertieBotts Mon 03-Oct-11 23:40:34

Hello, congratulations on your new baby smile Great to hear that things are going well.

WRT foods, it's actually quite rare for a food in mum's diet to affect baby, because most foods don't pass into milk in enough quantity, even to set off an allergic reaction. Most babies who do have a reaction tend to have much more severe allergies than other babies. (Example: If I eat cheese, it makes me sick. My mum didn't discover this until she had started weaning and fed me Heinz spaghetti hoops, which have cheese in the sauce. I'm pretty sure she ate cheese at some point during the 6 months she was breastfeeding me, with no effect.)

Generally, advice is to keep eating everything you want, if you notice your baby is particularly unsettled, has a runny nappy or whatever, it's just as likely to be normal small baby unsettledness/loose poos than something you've eaten.

This and this is good on kellymom. Kellymom is great for breastfeeding advice, do have a look round it in general, don't mind the American language - babies are the same both sides of the Atlantic after all grin

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