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Colostrum leakage and pregnancy

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chocolateyclur Mon 03-Oct-11 19:33:56

This is my second pregnancy. I breastfed my son until he self weaned at 10 months after I got mastitis.

In my first pregnancy, I leaked colostrum at night from around 25 weeks to the point where I would soak the bed (until I thought "duh" and discovered breast pads!)

I am now 31 weeks in my second pregnancy, and - nothing. I've occasionally been able to squeeze a couple of tiny droplets out in the bath, but that's it. And now I'm worrying about whether I'll be able to feed this time?

I could do with some advice and experience to put my mind at rest. After my son's traumatic birth breastfeeding was the thing that kept me (relatively) sane despite PND - I felt it was the one thing I could do for him that no-one else could.

whackamole Mon 03-Oct-11 19:37:38

I was the same! Leaked loads last pregnancy, from very early - this time (I am 37+2 now) am leaking a little bit but not the oceans I experienced before.

I asked MW and she said it was normal, not to worry. Also a friend of mine never leaked at all and went on to BF successfully for over a year so it's definitely not indicative of whether you can or cannot BF.

EauRouge Mon 03-Oct-11 19:38:43

I found both my pregnancies totally different. I leaked colostrum at around 18 weeks of pregnancy with DD1 but there was no leakage at all with DD2 despite the fact that I was BF DD1. There's no reason to think you won't be able to BF smile Are there any BF support groups near you where you can get some reassurance?

crikeybadger Mon 03-Oct-11 19:39:53

Well, I've never leaked colostrum (or breast milk for that matter) and have breastfed 3 DCs for 4 years in total, so I don't think there is a link between leakage and ability to feed.

Would it help to chat things through with a breastfeeding counsellor to reassure you?

chocolateyclur Mon 03-Oct-11 21:03:25

Thank you - definitely making me feel more positive!

We have a lady who does bf advice through work, so I will talk to her this week (it never occurred to me...!)

I think one of the reasons I'm freaking out is that we have moved away from the area I had my son. After his birth I was able to transfer to and stay in a midwife led unit for 5 days to get bf established as we had lots of problems - flat nipples, jaundice and him having a head injury from forceps. I've been told that in this authority you have a 3 hour discharge unless you have mega medical reason to stay - and that actually I would have to return home even if I had exactly the same birth experience sad The support is either through midwives in the home visit, or a weekly bf peer support group. I'm worried, and don't have the self confidence to think that I did it successfully before, so I'm less inept than last time.

MightilyOats Tue 04-Oct-11 08:49:35

The lady at the la leche league class I went to last week said that you leak due to 'loose sphincters' in the breast - which tighten up with use - so subsequent pregnancies you often won't leak, even if you did the first time round smile

Good luck chocolatey, hope you have a better experience this time round!

crikeybadger Tue 04-Oct-11 10:50:30

ARRGh, just managed to wipe my post so I'll be brief!!

Meant to say that second births are likely to be different from your first so you may have a totally different bfing experience this time round. You'll have more knowledge about how breastfeeding works too.

Push for help from the mws if you need it and don't feel you have to leave hospital if you haven't got the bfing cracked. I don't think they can kick you out.

Or, if you are really concerned (and can afford it), you could get a certified lactation consultant on standby.

The unicef babyfriendly website is pretty good too see here


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