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Malta water formula help

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PositivePrana Mon 03-Oct-11 19:32:14

Hi Guys
I am currently in Malta on holiday & about to run out of Aptamil cartons. Does anyone know which local bottled water I should buy to make up formula?
We purchased Paradiso water today, which has a picture of a baby on the side and I think the sodium content is low it says 3,5 per 1L.
Anyone any experience?

thisisyesterday Mon 03-Oct-11 19:37:40

i would just use tap water. as long as it's boiled it will be fine.

mineral waters are not really suitable

PositivePrana Mon 03-Oct-11 19:40:46

A few locals told me they don't use the water and to use bottled?!

pigletmania Mon 03-Oct-11 20:09:02

When in Malta staying with dh family, I used bottled water, that is what his family drink, they dont drink tap water.

wigglesrock Mon 03-Oct-11 22:19:41

I have always used bottled water with the baby picture on the side to make up formula when I've been on holiday with dds. I know people that use Evian as well.

Seona1973 Tue 04-Oct-11 11:55:17

I'd use bottled water with the lowest sodium content and boil it before making up the formula.

lilham Tue 04-Oct-11 12:25:43

But boiling it will increase the sodium content. Remember it's the formula that's not sterile, not the bottled water. Just boil enough so you can dissolve the powder.

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