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Teats for a Breastfed baby

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passmeanotherpineapple Mon 03-Oct-11 12:01:36

Can any one recommend a good bottle/teat combo for my 6week old dd?
She is ebf but want to get her used to my dh giving her a bottle. We have a tommee tipee (with breast pump) which she would take last week but now completly refuses, should I buy a different teat for that bottle or try a new brand?? I really don't want to spend my precious maternity pay on one of every type in boots!!!

lilham Mon 03-Oct-11 19:12:11

I have tried numerous teats and avent, tommee tippee and breastflow. My DD was never happy with the bottle and my DH hated feeding her cause it took forever with her crying and refusing to suck most days. We gave up when she got to about 4mo and started bashing the bottle away with her hands. It's a nightmare especially given my DD never fed more than 10-15min on the boob.

I think you can just keep trying with your bottle and teat. Getting new stuff might be just a waste of money.

whackamole Mon 03-Oct-11 19:30:11

I'd just keep trying with the tommee tippee (assume you mean the closer to nature one) you can't get alternative teats for it.

You could always feed her from a small cup. But I'd persevere with the bottles, hopefully she'll get used to it.

(BTW this is what we did - babies were BF during the day and OH bottled them for their last feed. We used TT bottles as well)

passmeanotherpineapple Tue 04-Oct-11 14:49:42

Thanks for the advice.... We have feed her with little milk storage pots when using colief & she takes them fine but a bottle would be so much easier. I decided to buy an avent bottle the teats a different shape & see if that works.

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