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Teeth grinding in while bf!

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cherub59 Sun 02-Oct-11 21:36:01

My 6.5 m old has 8 teeth and he isn't biting me but has left permanent teeth marks in my areola where they rub against me. Needless to say it is getting very very sore!
Ds1 and ds2 were also very toothy and I didn't really get this!!!! Any hints to help?

He gets me seemingly whatever position I use!
He also will not suck from a bottle yet so can't simply stop (tho trying to get him to as am back to work in 4 weeks!)

marzipananimal Mon 03-Oct-11 12:04:08

I had this too when DS first got teeth at the top. There are some tips here from kellymom on dealing with it but for me it basically just got better with time - I suppose he gradually adjusted his latch

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