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Help, I've screwed up again :(

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Lollyheart Sun 02-Oct-11 21:27:17

ds is 10 days old now and it's all gone wrong, he never seemed satisfied after feeding for an hour,with 3 other dcs to care for it's impossible to feed all day, so I've been expressing into a bottle, plus my nipples are so sore,
Now when I try and feed him he will latch on but won't suck and swallow, he just falls asleep.

Any ideas how to get him to drink from me again or have I blown it?

hazchem Sun 02-Oct-11 22:11:57

I don't have any proper advice but couldn't leave this unanswered.

You haven't screwed up! your exhausted and doing your best.

Someone will come along with some proper advice soon.
Until then I think your a bit of a super hero!

Purplebuns Sun 02-Oct-11 22:19:30

I think if you can you need to get some local support, your local children's centre should have some provision.
Try and get rid of the bottles as it makes babies lazy, it is harder to work at the breast than a bottle.
I think if you have persistent sore nipples you have a latch issue as I would expect any initial discomfort to have resolved itself by now.
You definitely have not blown it, it is still early days you definitely need some more support though.
I hope things get easier for you and please bear in my mind that at 10 days they have a growth spurt so he will seem hungrier smile

Purplebuns Sun 02-Oct-11 22:23:39

Biological nurturing is great for helping things get on track and I think there are some good videos on youtube, take baby to bed for the evening and see how you do. And at any time you can squeeze in, let cbeebies babysit if needs be. An once you have the hang of it all the feeding will space out as he gets older, I am sure you know already smile

Mampig Sun 02-Oct-11 22:42:09

Aww. You could sooo be me 10 weeks ago. I also have 3 other dcs and initially bf was torture tbh!! Took a while for the other kids to grasp that I needed time out to feed. My oldest is 6 and youngest before baby is 2. I use tv, drawing and special messages to occupy them when feeding. My tip is to keep tv off until feeding time and then they become engrossed!! Happily we're now 13 weeks in and kids are so used to it that it's not an issue. Nipples no longer sore at all and feeds are lovely times with calmness and bonding times!! It's really early days for u and I really do remember how tough it can be!! But it gets soo easy that you don't want to give up!! Now I'm making excuses as to why I'm still feeding- none of my family have- but I won't be quitting any time soon!! Happiness and contentment will come when you get confidence in yourself smile . At your stage I used a dummy blush but it worked to content him and so as not to use me as one. I used it when he would take himself off and on - as in he just wanted to suck. I'm not saying to substitute feeding with one but it can give u a much needed break when u need it. Hang in there- you're doing a wonderful job!! xo

tiktok Sun 02-Oct-11 23:35:36

sad sad

Expressing and bottle feeding takes far, far more time than bf direct....your baby's only 10 days old so you can call a midwife and see if you can get her or a colleague to come to see you to help sort things out, inc helping you feed without pain.

Hope things get sorted soon.

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