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Please help! One boob stopped working.

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lowra Sun 02-Oct-11 15:23:11

After breastfeeding my DD without any problems for 6 months my left breast is producing very little milk. My DD won't feed on this side now as she gets very frustrated. The breast is very soft and I can't feel a let down at all.

I usualy only feed DD on one side as she doesn't feed for long in one sitting. I am usually fairly careful to make sure that I alternate breasts but I have a feeling I may have not been so hot on this lately and have been feeding her more on the right. It now seems I have let my milk supply run out on the left. It's really frustrating and I have wonky boobs sad

Any advice for getting the supply back up again for an older(ish) baby?

FormbyDoula Sun 02-Oct-11 15:33:27

What about pumping on that side? Or hand expression. Maybe holding her in a different position eg rugby hold or sitting facing you? Or feeding her in a quiet room so there are fewer distractions? Tough one! Could it be something else, like teething, rather than lack of milk?

Could you try nursing her when she is asleep?

lowra Sun 02-Oct-11 18:48:55

It's definitely the supply. I have tried pumping. Just been at it for 10 minutes to get less than half an Oz. I feel stupidly upset sad

Anyone else had their milk come back from barely nothing or is that it now for lefty?

FormbyDoula Sun 02-Oct-11 21:30:41

Half an ounce is not bad - you still have milk there. Keep pumping whenever you can, keep hand-expressing and keep trying to latch baby on in different positions. Pumps are not great at getting out milk.

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