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BF'ing on one side only

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lenak Sat 01-Oct-11 17:26:01

DD is eight days old and we are settling in well with BF'ing after some initial extreme nipple pain before my milk came in.

I am feeding using alternate sides each feed rather than both sides unless she is particularly hungry.

She feeds brilliantly on the one side and there is no pain at all, however, I think there are some positioning issues on the other side as it is still very sore when she initially latches on - although the pain does diminish as she gets into the feed as long as she is on right.

My main issue is at night when I am tired, it is more difficult to hold her in position, even with a pillow for support, and it is very painful. I can also feed lying down on the OK side but can't on the sore side.

Would it cause any problems to just feed from the one side at night or at least move to a 2:1 ratio for feeds to try and give my nipple chance to heal?

I'm going to call the BF councillor on Monday but need to get through the weekend. I don't like dreading feeding time when I know the 'sore' side is next sad

twiggymac Sat 01-Oct-11 20:23:06

You should be able to give that side a break tonight but do express a bit if it starts to get engorged though. It's horrible dreading the next feed - I definitely found giving the sore side a couple of nights rest (but feeding on it normally during the day when I felt more able to get a good latch) helped me feel better and gave it a chance to start healing.

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