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Asked to stop breastfeeding in a community centre

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33goingon64 Fri 30-Sep-11 11:08:14

Yesterday I was bfing my 7 mo DS in the lobby area of a community centre and was asked by someone I assume was a member of staff there to move into a side room. I asked why and she said 'people will comment'. I told her I was shocked that the first place I have ever been asked to stop feeding in was community centre which runs many baby groups. I have emailed the council (which runs the centre) to complain, but whilst waiting for a reply I wondered if there is anywhere else I can report this. Is there a blacklist website I can add it to?! Anyone else had this experience? I have fed in restaurants, museums, the city cathedral and never been asked to stop before.

festiemum Fri 30-Sep-11 11:15:39

This is outrageous. Personally I would be tempted to ring the local press as well to see if they would like to cover the story.

It's illegal to move a breastfeeding mother if nothing else. You are in the position to kick up a huge stink if you wish to - it's up to you how much hell you want to raise frankly!

EauRouge Fri 30-Sep-11 11:17:35

Good on you for complaining! This kind of thing is quite rare and getting rarer because of mothers not putting up with it. You could report it to the local press, you might want to wait until you get a reply though. Up to you! There's some useful info on what you can do here.

tiktok Fri 30-Sep-11 11:29:02

Probably fairer to wait for a reply first - this could just be some idiotic staff member who needs a bit of retraining, and it's a shame to create a fuss and encourage the vehement 'it's disgusting!' brigade to crawl out of the woodwork to comment.

Suggest you contact you local councillors, too. Your council may have a bf policy and if not, they need one smile

The people - HVs? midwives? - who run the baby groups need to know as well, perhaps.

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