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Baby refusing bottle - 14 weeks

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cara2244 Thu 29-Sep-11 21:40:06

so, I merrily arranged to start working freelance again, just 2 lots of 2 hours a week plus travel, confident that I could express enough milk for my baby girl. But so far she will only drink an ounce or two, and then tonight at mil's she fretted and wouldn't take a bottle, and only settled when I got back and fed her. I felt really guilty about this. Mil has suggested I give her a bottle once a day at home, a good idea in principle but it means spending probably half an hour a day expressing for her not to drink it. It is also hard to express as I have a toddler to occupy too. I have a hand pump so could switch to an electric. I don't want her on formula or baby rice at this age and would rather give up the work if that became the only option.

Any ideas ladies/anyone been here?

lilham Fri 30-Sep-11 02:18:52

My experience with this isn't positive. My EBM mostly went down the drain. sad MY DD took less and less from the bottle overtime, from a full feed to nothing.

I wouldn't give formula either. I don't know if I'd have better luck with that since I wont feel so bad wasting it.

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