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anyone stopped bf at 4 weeks, how did you wean onto bottles?

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neverlookback Thu 29-Sep-11 20:38:20

hi dd is 4 weeks, im going to start weaning onto formula, she is my 3rd dc but first time ive managed to bf but im finding the irregularity and constant feeding really hard to manage when i have 2 other dcs to look after, and the frequent feeding at night is really exhausting.

So she has been having a bottle around 8pm for a week now and the last couple of days ive given her a little mid morning, but she still seems to feed constantly around these but i think mainly for comfort. I know the cluster feeding and clingyness is supposed to calm down around 4-6 weeks but ive read of ladies still in this situation at 10 -16 weeks and i know i cant cope with that.

So how do you do it, am i starting in the right direction?
i would possibly like to mix feed if my milk supply will let me at the moment it seems fine, its only early evening from 4 - 9 that they seem and look empty.!

stitchthis Thu 29-Sep-11 20:46:14

I did it at 8weeks because i had to take meds that weren't compatible. It was a case of dropping a feed at a time with a few days between each 'drop'.. That said, can I just say you're at the hardest bit right now and it might. Be worthwhile hanging on in there for a couple more weeks as they seem to start to settle into what you could possibly regard as a routine from about 6 weeks, well both my DS did. You have to make the decision but I found (with Ds1who I Bf for a year or so) that going to the local bf group a few times gave me the gumption I needed to carry on. It's such an emotive issue too. You might get some 'interesting' comments...

MigGril Fri 30-Sep-11 13:13:17

Would you be happy to try mixed feeding? it doesn't have to be all or nothing and evry bit of brestmilk she get's is well worth it.

Have a read of this

neverlookback Fri 30-Sep-11 17:01:13

thanks yeah im thinking of mix feeding, i do feel guilty for thinking of giving up totally when it is working so well, i suppose its my selfish reasons really and when ive had a terrible nights sleep and a day of constant feeding i feel like i cant do it and be a mum to my other 2.
ill have a look at that link, thankyou

MigGril Fri 30-Sep-11 17:36:33

You know you'r doing great to get to 4week's. Lot's of mum's find thing's setal down around 8week's. My first was a constant feeder but had setaled into a patten by 8week's my seconed was a much more efficent feeder and had found his own routine by 6-7week's.

The first bit is hard work but once it's seatel it really is very easy. Have you considered co-sleeping just to get a bit more rest in these early week's, I' know a lot of people arent happy to do this. But you can just do it for the first couple of months to get a bit of extra sleep if you have older ones as I know napping during the day is not always possible.

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