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BF and Nitrofurantoin

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CBear6 Wed 28-Sep-11 22:13:57

I've been to see my GP today and have white blood cells in my urine, implying an infection. He's sent a sample to the lab to find out if he needs a specific anti-biotic but has prescribed a three day course of Nitrofurantoin/Macrodantin in the meantime.

I'm BFing two week old DD and he said that only small amounts will transfer to my milk so it'll be fine and it's safe for pregnant women so it should be safe for BFing too but I read the leaflet and it says "if you want to breastfeed, please consult a doctor first". I also Googled it (mistake, I know) and found several websites saying it's fine while BFing so long as the baby is over one month old.

Has anyone taken this while BFing or can anyone offer any information on it? Thanks in advance smile

tiktok Wed 28-Sep-11 23:23:54

Your doc is wrong in linking safety in pg to safety in bf - drug interactions work differently.

You could call the Breastfeeding Network's drugsline and discuss - no. on the mumsnet bf page, I think.

It's not a mistake to Google - that's called taking responsibilty for your own health and seeking out information!

There are a zillion antiobiotics which bf women can take without there being any concern, so not sure why your doc would choose one where there is some concern with younger babies

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