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Night weaning a toddler

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Iwouldifihadthetime Wed 28-Sep-11 21:00:35

Does anyone have any experiences they're willing to share on night weaning a toddler?

My dd2 is bf and I co-slept with her for ages, but then stopped when she appeared to be being disturbed by me being there - around 9m.

We've just been through a few months with various viruses and a huge clingy phase and we've ended up co-sleeping for most of the night again.

She gies down in her cot (bf to sleep) but when she wakes (can be any time from 11 onwards) she won't settle other than with a bf in bed with me. She then snacks on abd off till morning. Anything else and she screams the place down so I've done it so at least dh and dd1 get their rest.

She's now 21m and I'd really like to have some decent sleep.

Has anyone managed to night wean a toddler but carry on breastfeeding the rest of the time?

Dh is keen for me to do cc with her but I don't think I can / don't want to!


weasle Wed 28-Sep-11 21:11:41

We have the same situation here (ds 16 months) so I'll be watching with interest but no actual advice smile
I also want to continue to feed in the day, just not all bloody night.
DH also keen to do cc.

Have you read NCSS and googled jay gordon sleep?

We are trying to do a staged night wean - I am not bf until midnight (that's huge progress here!) and DH goes in instead. DS just lies in cot and goes to sleep since the first night. So I'm planning this weekend to make it 2am and send DH in at midnight. I thought DS was having so much milk at night to stop suddenly would be hard as he'd be hungry/thirsty as well as lonely.

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