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Wonderful blog post on milk donation

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organiccarrotcake Wed 28-Sep-11 15:48:56

And for those who haven't heard, (eco baby company) is doubling donations to UKAMB, the UK's milk banking charity, via this page:

C'mon ladies. It will just take 100 Mumsnetters £10 each to reach the target of £1000 - which will then be doubled to £2000 which would be enough to give UKAMB the boost it needs to set up a new hospital campaign, hopefully leading to new milk banks being opened, and saving the lives of countless premature and sick babies.

It's World Milksharing Week so we thought it was the ideal time to kick of the fundraiser smile

boxoftricks Wed 28-Sep-11 16:59:28

bumpity bump

organiccarrotcake Wed 28-Sep-11 18:38:54

kick of? kick of? OFF, obviously. Grr.

crikeybadger Wed 28-Sep-11 20:49:05

Only £40.00 raised so far, what a shame. sad

I didn't realise that it was World Milksharing Week but today I finally got around to ringing the milk banking lady at Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital. It's a satellite operation that provides milk to Southampton, but uses a team of motocyclists to collect milk as far away as Somerset and Dorset.

I'm going to pass her details on to our local support groups and NCT contact. If anyone else is interested, they can get info from Karen Read on 01392 406625

organiccarrotcake Thu 29-Sep-11 10:55:05

I know, I'd hoped that we'd be able to raise more given Makes a Change's generosity - although huge thanks to those who have donated so far smile

C'mon ladies - isn't a tenner worth it? Or how about having a bit of a fundraiser at work/toddler group etc?

Some suggestions:
- Donor mums get sponsored per 100mls donated!
- Sponsored buggy push (always a popular one smile )
- Cake sale
- Auction of promises

Any more?

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