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Very close to giving up bf

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Wiseoldself Wed 28-Sep-11 15:29:22

I am very close to giving up bf because of the pain I'm in but I feel so guilty. DS is my third DC but first I have bf, he is 8 weeks old and I still have really tender breasts like I did when the milk first came in and let down is really painful. I can't even hold the baby too close as it hurts and I can't cuddle my 2yo DS properly as I can't have him close to me.

I have had mastitis which displayed as a hard red lump and feeling unwell, had anti biotics and it cleared but the tenderness has remained. I think it could be an over supply issue as whenever I have expressed I have managed to get 5oz within 10minutes which seems a lot to me and I have a pretty strong let down, it sprays everywhere.

I don' t think it's thrush as DS doesn't have it and I can feed pretty much pain free apart from the tenderness. They just feel bruised all of the time and I don't think I want to carry on at this rate.

EauRouge Wed 28-Sep-11 15:44:49

Oh dear, that does sound tough sad You're doing really well so far, 8 weeks is usually when things start to get easier so the tough part is coming to an end. Can you describe your symptoms, is it an all-over feeling of tenderness, in one spot or one side? How is your DS, does he seem healthy and is he gaining weight OK? What is a normal feed like?

You mentioned that you think it might be oversupply, does any of this strike a chord with you?

Wiseoldself Wed 28-Sep-11 16:29:00

Thanks for the reply, it's an all over tenderness, the only time it goes is just after a feed and then the bruised feeling returns within ten minutes or so.

I am experiencing some of the oversupply symptons on that list, DS does come off at first as the milk is coming out so fast and I do tend to try and catch it in a muslin when that happens, he also does go on and off quite a bit.

DS is gaining weight well, he has put on over 3lbs since birth.

I do get some shooting pains too but these are very infrequent and haven't got worse over the last few weeks.

1catherine1 Wed 28-Sep-11 23:26:18

I'm no expert and a lot less qualified to answer your question that a lot of others on this forum but my own experience was that my boobs did the same at around 8 weeks. I hated feeding out because I needed a spare top in case I got covered in milk when she pulled off.

It did ease of in time (yet occasionally still get a little milk on me). I also found it hard to hug my baby because I was tender (I only have my DD). I was always faffing about trying a comfortable position to carry her in - some days were worse than others. The tenderness lasted until about 10-12 weeks - although this could have had something to do with the thrush we had.

You're doing really well so far and nearly through the hard part. I hope it gets better soon.

EauRouge Thu 29-Sep-11 08:47:10

When he comes off one breast, are you offering the other? Does he normally take it? Are you pumping for any reason?

If you have a read of that Kellymom link it talks about block feeding and some other ways to deal with oversupply.

JiltedJohnsJulie Thu 29-Sep-11 11:10:54

So sorry that you are feeling so tender. It could be that the course of antibiotics you had wasn't long enough. There is some information here on mastitis. In the link they recommend antibiotics for between 10 and 14 days and also taking regular painkillers.

Think it would be really beneficial to call one of the helplines too and talk through how you are feeling with a BFC. Have you got the numbers?

Wiseoldself Thu 29-Sep-11 12:19:22

Thanks for the replies. I normally offer the other breast when he is done with the first but from this morning I have staretd just offering one at each feed to see if that helps.

I have spoken to a BFC and she was very nice but not that helpful, she said to feed as much as I can but he generally goes 2.5 to 3 hours and it would mean waking him for feeds rather than on his demand which I'm not that keen to do, also I thought that if I fed him more surely my supply would increase even further??

I was expressing as I was paranoid about DS not taking a bottle and sometimes I do need to go out for an hour or two so wanted to make sure he was used to a bottle, I have stopped the expressing though as I guess that could have been causing an over supply too, I haven't expressed for 5 days now.

I had more anti biotics after the first lot as my HV thought that may be the first lot wasn't for long enough, she gave me something different though,
co amoxiclav and that didn't do a thing, was a complete waste of time taking it.

I have my post natal check up tomorrow so I was going to speak to the GP to see if she thinks it could be thrush.

Am getting so fed up, I really thought by 8 weeks everything it would be pain free sad

JiltedJohnsJulie Thu 29-Sep-11 12:47:29

Really feel for you and sorry that you don't seem to be getting much support. The BFC may have suggested frequent feeding to clear the block, though obviously that may not help with the oversupply. How do you feel about calling another BFC?

Is there a Bfing Support Group you could go along too? There maybe someone there who can help.

By 8 weeks many mums find it does get easier but for some it doesn't. It could just be the remains of your mastitis though. Try taking it day by day. Phone another BFC, talk to your GP tomorrow and keep taking the painkillers and keep posting. Hopefully with the right treatment you'll be pain free in no time smile.

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