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tiktok pls advise re:latch

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titferbrains Tue 27-Sep-11 22:38:06

one handed as holding ds1

he's demand fed, ebf. but have been watching jack newman vids and all babies doing good sucking look huge and open mouth far wider than my babe, take more areola and do long slow sucks when really drinking.

My ds is small, 2.43kg down from 2.665 birth weight, and is due to be weighed again on Fri.

He does a lot of rapid sucking and I only hear a "cuh" sound of swallowing every few secs rather than seeing a sucking and drinking pattern like the vids.

Should I get a lactation consultant round? have letting him feed with compressions for last couple of hours and he is still squirming and rooting in my lap now as I type. He is a bit jaundiced still but doing plenty of poos and wees so I know something is going in but am concerned that feeds are very long. He does have about 3 poss 4 good alert periods thruought the day when he is awake and content to lie on his own and look around. for a good 15 min.

Any vids u can recommend with smaller babies, comparing poor latch to good? My ds just never takes a reaaly big mouthful of areola. tonhue tie snipped at one wk.

titferbrains Tue 27-Sep-11 22:39:49

he was born 11 sep. i let him feed as long as he likes and he does tend to feed for longer in eves.

tiktok Wed 28-Sep-11 00:08:48

titferbrains - yes, sounds like someone knowledgable should see you feed. Hope it helps you - sounds like there could be some improvements made. Is his weight going up, but just v. slowly? If he is continuing to lose, then the HV and doc need to be involved.

tiktok Wed 28-Sep-11 00:11:07

Just seen on another thread that your baby is still losing weight - hope you are in touch with your HCPs.

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