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How to stop breastfeeding????

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BenRoo Tue 27-Sep-11 21:17:44

Ok so this has been asked over and over but rather than pouring through lots of threads I thought I'd just start a new one!
I have bf my DS for almost 11 months,my intention was to bf for 3,6,9 months and now I'd like to stop by 12 months....
I have enjoyed it mostly but,like most,have had a few struggles along the way.
He is on 4-5 bfs a day.
How do I start to stop?
I've requested that nursery (8am-6pm 2 days a week) withdraw his lunch feed and intend to drop the 1-2 feeds he has from me in the same time period (8am-6pm) on my days off. He's currently being night weaned,but to be fair would only have 1 feed in the night for the last 2 months.
If (and its a big if) I get him down to 1 feed or indeed stop altogether... Should I then be replacing that feed???
Can anyone help me hatch a plan please.
Or just anybody else's experiences would be fantastic.....

flickor Tue 27-Sep-11 22:26:42

Hi Benroo - sounds like we are in the same boat DD is nearly 11 months and only has feeds from 4 pm till about 8 pm(bedtime) at home and then 8 am-6 pm water at nursery two days a week and then about three feeds at home. I would say she is about on about 4 feeds a day with one at about five in morning. I am going to keep up with feed like this until 12 months and then replace with cows milk. I know babies need about a pint of milk till 12 months and as DD has long feeds when home that she gets about right amount. I literally stopped offering milk during the day - replaced with food. I would still like to feed DD at night if she still wants it. Will keep you posted

kimberlina Tue 27-Sep-11 22:34:02

We just stopped 10 days ago.

I gradually stopped one feed at a time every 2-4 weeks until we were just having one feed at bedtime. I offered a beaker of cows milk at breakfast, lunch and midafternoon and over several weeks she gradually took more and more. Now she might take 100ml each time.

Then 10 days ago, rather than offer a BF at bedtime I gave her a cows milk drink out of the same beaker. (rather annoyingly she had a massive grin on her face at this point - I'm telling myself she just found it funny having milk from a cup, rather than was actually pleased to see the cup!)

I'd already started a routine of books and a song before the breast feed so just did this before the beaker instead.

I can honestly say it's been no hassle at all (although to be fair shes never been a milk monster). The best thing is that because I cut down slowly I didnt have even a moment of discomfort or engorgement which I was dreading.

Hope that helps!

BenRoo Thu 29-Sep-11 18:04:41

Keep me posted Flickor!
and Kimberlina unfortunately my LO is a boob monster so although I would like the transition to be as smooth as yours I fear it's not going to be envy
Thanks for the advice though ladies smile

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