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Wind/reflux not sure which?

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Charl22 Mon 26-Sep-11 15:05:45

Hi there,new to mumsnet! Have a 7 week old boy, constantly hungry ,we manage to go 3-4 hours in between feeds,even during the night. We also get through a wopping 6 oz amount on each feed and slowly settle after that (currently he weighs 11lb) We burp every 40mls or so sometimes wet burps but during sleeping he appears to intermittently fidget and writhe and goes red in the face and doesnt appear settled after about an hour of good sleep. I feel as though he's having too much at each feed but he doesnt agree.We get a little vomiting after feeding too! We regularly get the wind up and i have raised the head end of his crib, wondering if i can do anything different?

LucyMayHughes Mon 26-Sep-11 17:02:00

I don't know you baby, so it's hard to say, but I know my baby boy (13 weeks tomorrow) would be very aggravated if he was stopped every 40 ml for winding. He has really struggled and suffered with wind, in the way you describe. He's a hungry boy- feeds every 3 hours in the day- but no night feeds now- stopped around 8 weeks when I introduced hungrier baby formula- was drinking every 1.5- 2 hours before that. I avoid letting him go longer, because if he gets distressed, his crying makes the wind worse. And even if he doesn't look hungry after 3 hours, I put a bib on him and give him infacol, and he soon realises he's hungry! I always try to wind him half way through a feed, but even this can annoy him! Before I changed to the Dr. Brown's bottles, he'd be arching his back, screaming in pain and writhing about when feeding. Cannot recommend these bottles enough, he now enjoys his feeds and is much more settled and happier in general. I know everyone reckons you shouldn't give the hungrier baby formula, but the first milk just didn't satisfy my little boy. He couldn't sleep properly, cos he was always hungry. It's expensive changing bottles, but it really has been worth it. His crying has reduced massively, and he's all smiles. Good luck!

Charl22 Mon 26-Sep-11 19:37:19

I'll give it a go and was going to try Dr Browns bottles aswell,a friend also suggested the same. oh yes he doesnt like to be stopped during the feed but if i didnt stop him intermittently he guzzles so quickly that the wind /relux is so much worse! sometimes he bought the whole feed up. the health visitor is visiting in 2/7 i'll ask about the hungrier baby formula as i really do just think my boy is just a hungry baby!!(and if he's anything like his dad and a tube of pringles!!) i just feel as though feeding is a battle at the doesnt help as i had to give up breast feeding at 6/52 due to a poor latch and thrush etc and just felt i was mauling the boy into different positions as advised by the specialists.... im hoping its going to get easier

buttonmoon78 Mon 26-Sep-11 22:09:13

Hi Charl. I was going to come on and recommend those bottles. I bought two on Thursday and felt they were so good I replaced the other four bottles on Saturday!

FWIW, the cheapest place I found them was Tesco - I think they were about £10.50 per double pack.

Ds was previously on TT closer to nature bottles with the slow teat and although the dr browns are also fitted with a slow flow teat he seems to take a lot longer to feed but he doesn't get cross. Odd but true. I think the speed was causing some of the wind previously.

LucyMayHughes Tue 27-Sep-11 12:25:30

bottonmoon, I agree. It is odd, lo takes longer to feed, but does so calmly and enjoys it. Re: hungrier baby formula, Charl, any HVs I've spoken to have looked at me like I'm abusing my child for giving him that formula. Don't think they understand that a baby who is constantly hungry and cannot sleep as a result, is hungrier baby. I can understand why they don't advise it for all babies, as some mothers give it from birth just to make their babies sleep more. But I persevered for so long with the first milk, it got to the point that by the time I'd fed and winded him (always a battle), he wanted another bottle an hour later. Couldn't do anything or get out of the door with lo. Charl, i really empathise with you. I'm urging you to give these bottles a try, I'm kicking myself for not trying them earlier. Really enjoy feeding lo now, whereas it was getting to the point where I dreaded it.

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