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Normal weight loss immediately post birth

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flyingcloud Mon 26-Sep-11 11:21:28

I gave birth to DD in France 19 months ago. She lost 10% of her birth weight in the first four days - before my milk came in. In the (relatively pro BF for France) hospital they put a lot of pressure on me at the end of the fourth day, saying that if her weight hadn't risen by the following day I would have to supplement with formula. This coincided with baby blues and I cried pretty much non-stop for 24 hours (and it was my birthday!).

Anyway, my milk came in and all was fine. DD put on weight - we were 'allowed' home and she thrived from there on.

I am now pregnant with DC2 and I want to avoid the same situation if at all possible. Usually for a second child they send you home after four days - but I really want to avoid the same stress and worry and being 'kept in'.

Is it normal to lose weight in the first few days? How is it possible to avoid this - if at all?

ShowOfHands Mon 26-Sep-11 11:27:48

It's normal for them to lose weight. In fact it's expected. Up to 10% is fine here in the UK and they expect it to take up to a couple of weeks for them to regain it. Usually, they start to regain weight as your milk comes in, as you found.

Do you absolutely HAVE to stay in? It's done v differently here. DS was only born a couple of weeks ago and he was weighed at birth, then we were allowed home about 36hrs later (emcs and prom so had to monitor ds to make sure he was okay) and then he was weighed by the community midwives once we were settled at home. He wasn't weighed again for another week. The way they knew ds was thriving was by looking at him, monitoring weeing/pooing and observing a couple of feeds. His weight confirmed what they already knew by looking at ds. He lost 3% and has regained it and then a couple of pounds on top of that. But he's only been weighed 4 times. At birth, once home and settled, at 2 weeks and at 3 weeks. They won't weigh again until the 6 week check.

flyingcloud Mon 26-Sep-11 14:35:32

Thanks for your reply.

You have to be signed out - but I am not sure what they can do to force you to stay. I think DH and family would think I had gone absolutely doolally if I went against the advice of medical professionals though. It would certainly confirm MIL's belief that a high proportion of mothers don't have enough milk (why else did wetnurses ever exist was her reply my arguments).
I am fairly happy to ignore their opinions but it's not so easy four days post-birth! Tired, hormonal, etc.

flyingcloud Mon 26-Sep-11 14:37:31

Congrats on your DS too!

I so enjoyed bf first time round (gave up early to go back to work - French law, gah). I am so looking forward to newborn cuddles and that precious time again.

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