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BF and conception

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katesterb Mon 26-Sep-11 09:24:35

I am currently feeding my baby of nearly 6 months, we are wanting another baby with not a massive gap between them but i know the chances of conceiving whilst bf are not that high? any experiences - comments to share?

mawbroon Mon 26-Sep-11 09:29:13

Some women are fertile very quickly, even when exclusively breastfeeding, and others can't conceive again until they have stopped feeding completely.

But most are somewhere in between.

Are your periods back?

I can really recommend reading Taking Charge of your Fertility by Toni Weschler.

katesterb Mon 26-Sep-11 09:38:54

No not got a monthly cycle back. DS is a on three solid meals a day as he is a big lad but still highly supplemented with milk.

estya Tue 27-Sep-11 18:42:45

I got the most useful info from kellymom:

I got my cycles back when she was about 8 months, 2 weeks after we switched to giving DD formula at night (she was falling asleep on the boob and waking hungry again 2 hours later).
I'm not sure if that meant I ovulated immediately after we started on the night bottles? She was having 2 good formula feeds during the night, which obviously reduced the amount of milk she was getting from me.

She was about 8 months old and was BLWing, so not eating a massive amount of solids, but I perhaps this reduced her milk intake.

Loopymumsy Tue 27-Sep-11 20:36:10

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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