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Advice about thrush?

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rocketleaf Sun 25-Sep-11 21:29:42

Has anyone had thrush on their nipples and it NOT show up in their babies mouth at all?

I have been BFing DD for 4 months.we got off to a very rocky start and BFing was very painful due to tongue tie/latch issues. Things got gradually better and then plateaued at about 8 weeks. Now BFing ranges from sensitive to uncomfortable to downright ouchy. I am pretty sure its not a latch issue as when we occasionally get it wrong it's a different sort of pain. It occurred to me that it might have been thrush in the early days but as DD showed no signs at all and she was then diagnosed with TT I though it must be down to that. Now I am not so sure.

So I am wondering if its possible for me to have it and DD to not have any symptoms. Can the symptoms come and go? And if I had had it for 8 or more weeks wouldn't it have got into my ducts by now? I am not getting any deep shooty pains, it's all in the nipples during feeding and then soreness afterwards.

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