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14 week old refusing breast - mainly in the daytime!

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misshoohaa Fri 23-Sep-11 18:03:04

My 14 week old ds has been successfully breast fed since birth with thr occasional expressed bottle. Increasingly in the last week he has been fussing at the breast during the day and after a few minutes point blank refusing. I can get him to feed a little longer by swapping sides but he's feeding for a max of 10 minutes a feed most times. He will feed well at night though. He's taken about three ounces tonight of expressed milk from a bottle quite happily so I know he's got an appetite. I've tried feeding him in dim lit, quiet areas but he still pulls of sometimes to be nosy, sometimes crying.We're on the verge of getting some formula as I'm worried he is not getting enough milk plus we're on hols in France at the moment and it's much warmer than he's used to. Any advice, could it be teething and a phase?

I really hope it's just a phase I can't be doing with formula - too much faffing!


ParkerRocks Fri 23-Sep-11 18:18:13

I posted the exact same thing a few weeks back when my 14 week old DD started fussing and refusing the breast! The general consensus was that around that age everything else suddenly becomes so much more interesting! I also wondered if in part it was down to the start of teething, but no teeth yet! I have found that at some feeds she is more than happy to just feed, other times she wants to look at anything and everything and the breast is just too boring! I've tried not to worry overly as between feeds she's happy and alert and clearly putting on weight. She produces a vast amount of soiled nappies. My main concern is for my poor nipples as in all the fussing she pulls them about and clamps down on them, most uncomfortable! Sometimes I just take her off as she starts crying, within seconds she's happy again, so I think it's just her way of saying she's had enough! Hope that helps to reassure you a little!

peedieworky Fri 23-Sep-11 21:03:30

I had a similar problem and started a thread here - tiktok gave great advice which seemed to work. Good luck!

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