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BF mums: Do we get to have those massive boobs all the way until we stop breastfeeding?

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moomsy Fri 23-Sep-11 15:21:53

My daughter is 2weeks today. I am using those bravado bras that cover a range of elephant sizes - currently feel like my boobs are as big as my head!

I know boob size is very personal but in general, do they go down a bit when feeding is established?

YankNCock Fri 23-Sep-11 15:25:56

I think mine did, but I've also lost some weight. They definitely don't get as big and heavy and sore any more (but then again, DS is 2 years old!). Last time I had to hand express due to discomfort he was about 15 months old, and that was without feeding for about 20 hours.

mamsnet Fri 23-Sep-11 15:26:00


moomsy Fri 23-Sep-11 15:37:08

YanknCock I lost almost 15kgs in 2 weeks (although I am certain it's all been water) however my boobs haven't got any smaller.

Just wondering because I bought quite a selection of sizes of nursing bras while I was pregnant and I was hoping to make use of them at some point... plus my tits are kind of spilling out of tops. Other half loves it but I am embarassed lol


Secondtimelucky Fri 23-Sep-11 17:25:20

Yes- they'll settle down. For me it was a bit after a couple of weeks, then after the first few months and then again at about 12 months (I fed until nearly 2) with DD1.

With DD2 each bit (so far, she's only three months) has happened a bit earlier.

AngelDog Fri 23-Sep-11 18:49:44

Definitely. I used to be a C cup, went up to an F and am now back to a D cup (DS still feeds at 20 months).

1catherine1 Fri 23-Sep-11 21:20:39

Well 2 weeks in they haven't settled yet so they might go down a little.

Pre-pregnancy I was 12 and half stone and a D cup, now (DD 6mo) I'm 11 st 2 and a DD cup so even though my boobs aren't that much bigger they seem bigger as there is less fat there grin

milkjetmum Fri 23-Sep-11 21:27:51

Pre-pregnancy I was a 36A. Pregnant went up to 38C, early days after birth 40D, starting overflowing out of 40D around 2-3 months... But since then gradually settled down. When DD about 4 months I was more comfy in 40D, then when DD 9 months I got some 38/40C, she's now nearly 1 and I'm thinking about downsizing again.

I am still staggered by my giant boobs! Especially when I see a photo of myself these days. But at least the stretchmarks have faded now... but DH will be sad if/when the boobs go :-)

pootlebug Fri 23-Sep-11 22:52:07

In my experience they go down a lot in the coming weeks and months, yes.

Bohica Fri 23-Sep-11 23:01:15

I believe it depends on how much weight you loose after birth.

Mine went from A's to C's and then back to droopy A's again at around year 2 when I stopped breast feeding.

I've had 3 children and breast fed them all for different lengths of time and I'm back to before DD1 weight and with my droopy A cups again.


PenguinArmy Fri 23-Sep-11 23:34:56

by a year (still feeding at least 6 times) I was back to pre-pg size, was very slow though. Was stable for a fair few months

TruthSweet Sat 24-Sep-11 00:48:35

Mine went from a 38B/C pre-preg and by about 10 weeks pg was a D. I was a DD when DD1 was born and after about 6-8 weeks I went on fenugreek so I could EBF her. They went from a DD to a F in 48 hours.

At my largest when I was tandem nursing DD1 & DD2 I was a 36G/H. I'm now a 34/36E-G depending on style and I am tandem nursing DD2 & DD3 (3.10y & 1.11y) so they are slowly going down. They aren't as pneumatic looking any more (unless I break out the push up bras!) so I don't feel 'busty' anymore.

startail Sat 24-Sep-11 01:04:41

BF for years never need a bigger cup size when pregnant or feeding still a B.
Went up from 36 to 38 chest, partly weight I've never lot, but mainly my ribs seem to have been shoved up when I was expecting DD1 and 14 years later there they have stayed.

BertieBotts Sat 24-Sep-11 10:38:28

They go down from the melons you gain in the early weeks, yes!

Also, at about 12 weeks they will stop getting big, firm and round before a feed, and stay soft all of the time. Don't panic - this doesn't mean your milk has dried up, it just means your body has adjusted perfectly to your baby's supply. After this you're only likely to get engorged if they go an unusually long time between feeds. If you end up feeding for a year or more then you can wave goodbye to engorgement for good. I was in hospital recently and didn't feed for 2.5 days, and nothing.

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