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Still mixed feeding at 8 months and wonder how I know if my DS is getting enough milk?

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shepster Fri 23-Sep-11 14:56:28

Hello! Well, I've been mixed feeding since DS was born (now 8 months old). Just before we began weaning him, I stabilised at about 300 - 400 ml in formula (with the rest bm.) Not sure why I couldn't manage to just drop the formula altogether but somehow have remained mixed feeding. Which has actually been okay, with far fewer feeds during the day, but I am wondering (as always!) how I can tell if he is getting enough breastmilk to complement the formula.

It seems he has actually been reducing the formula, so that now I give him about 250 ml in formula each day. The schedule is roughly as follows:

BF throughout the night (about 3x), with last one around 5-6 am.
Breakfast around 7/8 - with water as drink.
BF before his morning nap around 9.
Midmorning snack around 10:30 am (possibly some formula 70 ml or so)
Lunch at noon (water as drink)
BF before afternoon nap around 2pm
Midafternoon snack - e.g. rice cake- and formula (100 ml or so) around 4
Dinner at 6pm
BF and formula before bed (we start off with formula - 100 ml- then switch to breast)

I started to think the my BM supply was pretty good and toyed with the idea of giving him just BM feed before bed, but then wondered if my logic was correct (figured my supply would be really good as I've been feeding throughout the night for a long while.)

My concern is that he is getting enough iron with the feeds he is getting. Any thoughts on how I can tell? One HV told me to use vitamin drops, another said not to and another said to switch to follow-on milk. Hmmm. Very confused.

To throw a spanner in the works, just today I started menstruating again! And now I worry that this means my supply has suddenly dwindled.

If you can enlighten me as to the mechanics of BM and iron and vitamins and how to tell if baby is getting the right balance, I would be sooooooo grateful!

MigGril Fri 23-Sep-11 15:15:52

Not sure the reasion why you've been mixed feeding so hopefully I don't go and confuse you to much.

The iron thing, ok full term babies have enough iron stores to last untill AT LEST 6months, they don't suddenly drop of there is a gradual change. BM containes enough iron for a healty full term baby, yes there is less iron in BM then formula but that's because the iron in BM is in a more bioavaible form then that in formula. So they have to add more to make the level's up as a lot of the iron in formula is passed through the gut. Which acutaly is a bad thing as free iron in the gut increasse the chances of infection.

Ok follow on milk containes even more iron which is why it isn't sutible for a young baby as it would increase the chances of infection even more then regular formula. THE only reasion why follow on formula even eggsits is because the UK banned the marketing of formula for baby's under 6 months. The formula needs to be different in order not to break these laws so they put in more iron. Countries who ban the advertising of milk for under 1's and those that don't ban it at all don't have this producte, it's surplues to requiments. first milk is sutibule untill 12months.

I don't see why you couldn't drop the formula if you wanted to sounds like your supply is fine. Your periods returning doesn't really indicate much many women menstrate while BF. You have to meet a very strict regiame to not menstrate at all while feeding.

In short BF alonge with solids is all your baby need's at this age. Although there is a worry about vitamin D in northen latitues if you are dark skined or don't get at lest 20minutes a day sun without any sunscrean on.

You can read this about the vit D

shepster Fri 23-Sep-11 15:28:07

Thanks, MigGril! The mixed feeding began when he was a week old and lost weight, etc. Bad advice from the hospital (you must do top ups!) and here we are. But that's okay- we are all fairly happy campers now!

Yes, I'd read that about follow on milk and wasn't sold on it at all. I did not know, however, that excess iron is a bad thing. Will definitely stick with the first milk as I know he tolerates that just fine.

Sometimes I feel I can go cold turkey with the formula, but now and then he will have very short breast feeds so always think- gosh, did he get enough?- so may keep on with the extra formula bottle. Some days I feel I have milk aplenty and others, especially when I'm tired, when I feel fairly dry. It's a constant worry with me- so it goes.

Thank you!

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