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Foremilk/Hindmilk malarky

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Stinax Thu 22-Sep-11 15:45:12

I read on a few websites that frothy poo can be caused by too much foremilk. DD (13 weeks EBF) is having very frothy poos. I always let her come off one side by herself then offer it again before moving her onto the other side which she sometimes takes, sometimes doesn't. At the next feed I always put her either on the boob she didn't feed on last or the one she fed the least off. She usually stays on one side for at least 15 mins usually more (up to 45 - I get to watch A LOT of telly grin

Could I do something differently or am I wrong about the frothy poo and should stop worrying?

Advice please oh wise ones

ParaHandy Thu 22-Sep-11 15:49:42

Is she happy, content, settled? If so, you need do nothing different. Ignore foremilk/hindmilk, it's all just milk. Only important if your baby is uncomfortable.

Stinax Thu 22-Sep-11 15:54:07

She's great on the whole, puts weight on, happy little baby all the time. Struggles a bit with poo's, only goes once every few days but I gather thats not too unusual for a BF baby.

ParaHandy Thu 22-Sep-11 15:56:09

There is no problem here so no need to look for solutions. Keep up the daytime tv good work grin

Stinax Thu 22-Sep-11 16:21:57

Ta very much

RitaMorgan Thu 22-Sep-11 18:12:47

This article might help:

Stinax Thu 22-Sep-11 18:19:20

Thanks, that's a really good article. I think I'm just being neurotic!

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