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Calling out to all Formula Feeding lepers!

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MeggysMam Thu 22-Sep-11 15:44:54

I am a liar. I have not let go of my FF guilt. When people ask me what am I feeding her I mumble 'formula' to which people look on me like an alcoholic attending an AA meeting with a bottle of Smirnoff! Yes I love my DD with every fibre of my body but I chose not to BF. I tried it it hurt like hell and was held prioner in my own bedroom. I am shy. Very, very shy. Not sure my husband even saw my boobs during DD's conception. So the thought of whipping them out in public sent rigid fear down my spine. My grumble is that FF is apparently a piece of p. Just Ronseal it - do exactly what it says on the tin. But there is much more to it and I struggle to find any answers in any book or website. I KNOW BF IS BEST BUT I AM NOT BF SO CUT ME SOME SLACK AND PLEASE HELP ME OUT! Anyone else out there going to stand up and announce: "My name is ...... and I am a Formula Feeder!"? wink

tiktok Thu 22-Sep-11 16:23:04

meggysmam there were loads of posts on the thread you didn't like expressing exactly what you have said - that formula feeding is not dead easy....that there are things to know and learn about it...that getting info can sometimes be you are not alone in thinking the way you do. Only a few people said that 'do what it says on the tin' thing.

Most mothers in the UK use formula - something like 95 per cent of babies have formula at some point.

I cant think where you have been that people look at you the way you describe - are you sure these feelings are not inside you? If you mumble when people ask, then people will sense your awkwardness and they just don't know how to react and don't know what to say. They're not necessarily criticising you.

What do you want to know about formula? There are loads of people here who might help.

MigGril Thu 22-Sep-11 16:30:13

Just a though how old is your baby? Did you really want to BF? You could try relactating it is hard work but can work.

Then you could possibly mix feed. Just a though as a lot of mum's don't realise this is even an option.

Maybe you need to take this through with someone.

jimper Thu 22-Sep-11 16:37:12

Hello, my name is jimper and I am a formula feeder.

My DD got BM for 8 weeks - but I was only able to put her on the breast for the first 3. Then we discovered that she was hardly taking any in at all - and she cracked my nipples so badly that one nearly fell off. So then I went to expressing and it was hell. I had no time with my new baby and to be honest, was struggling to enjoy the situation. Moving to FF was the best thing I ever did shock.

It makes me sad every second that my baby isn't on my breast but I tried bloody hard and now I have a very healthy, chubby and pink bundle of fun.

To make it worse MeggysMam I am overseas now and using formula where I can only get a vague translation - it is hard. Don't feel bad, don't feel judged - I don't think it is as bad as you think. Maybe you are judging yourself?

Enjoy your baby! smile

LucyMayHughes Thu 22-Sep-11 16:58:18

Hello, to everyone who is still stuggling with formula feeding, I have invested in a set of Dr. Brown's bottles. Baby is so much happier and comfortable when feeding, and that has a knock on effect on everything else. Just kicking myself that I've left it this long before changing bottles (12 weeks). The Tommee Tippee closer to nature bottle is perhaps better for combination feeding- who knows. I can't recommend the Dr. Brown's botles enough- wind has not bothered baby today, and he's been able to take more= more contented baby.

tiktok Thu 22-Sep-11 18:42:49

Anyone who judges someone for formula feeding, or wants to judge the reasons for ff to see if they are 'approved', can safely be ignored in life smile

People who have opinions on someone's mothering or human worth linked to this are really in a minority - after all, 95 per cent of mothers ff at some stage anyway!

meggysmam , maybe it will help you if you stop expecting people to judge you - and if you start to think 'if they judge me, they can jump off a cliff!' instead of being embarrassed.

Being sad or disappointed that bf did not work out is understandable, but guilt has no place in any of that smile

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