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i want to cut back to 2feeds&!

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brokensleeper Wed 21-Sep-11 23:59:54

first time tryong to wean my 7mth dd.some days she eats tiny crumbs of stuff,others she will have a fairly good amount.doing blw.drinks water from a cup&was EBF.she still feeds every 2 or 3hours,never sleeps through,wakes sometomes hourly,can only ge her bakc to sleep by putting her on boob,sometimes she
doesnt even suck! She doesnt take bottles,dummies just
a sippy cup&will only have water,not my much lovingly expressed milk that i end up pouring down the sink in tears,sometimes ive mixed in some mash etc for her but most of that still ends up in the bin!
Im so tired,need sleep.i rarely had a night where i havw put her to bed&i ve been able to go downstairs,sit down eathave a cuppa,have a breather..i would like to somehow feed her milk at night in a cup..she just wont have it!my aim is to be able to give her a morning feed&before bed feed.
How can i start? OH is severely depressed&so doesnt help out.i kind of need to look after him very isolated&have no ther family help so never get a 5min break(she rarely naps longer than half hourx 2!
Ok ive gone on a bit...sorry...maybe i just need someone to hear me tonight.i feel very upset and tired :

brokensleeper Thu 22-Sep-11 00:03:22

sorry i meant to say...i want to eventually do an A.M. And before bed BREASTFEED! Ah i hope that makes sense now!

KittyBump Thu 22-Sep-11 00:15:18

Hi brokensleeper, sorry you're having such a hard time. I'm the last person who should be answering as you could be describing my DD but I just wanted to tell you that you aren't alone.
Things that work a bit for me...
If we are out during the day DD will go much longer between feeds, If she is engaged especially with other babies/children she seems to forget about breastfeeding whereas at home with just me she 'asks, for milk very frequently. Also if we have a meal with other people she will eat far more solid food (also blw as she is a spoon refuser). I usually feed her to sleep even for naps but she will go to sleep in the buggy, will your DD? This means she has a sleep and then is hungrier for lunch or tea as she hasn't filled up on milk.
My DD is 9 months so a bit older than yours, one day last week we did 7am - 2pm without bf and the next day 8am - 4pm! Also the first night she slept 5 hours straight which is amazing for us! Unfortunately she now has a really bad cold so it all went to pot after those 2 days.

brokensleeper Thu 22-Sep-11 00:20:54

thanks kittybump. Yes,she feeds to sleep&has 1 nap in buggy after long walk in it!she does go longer if out/distracted but if shes reallly very hungry while outshe wont stop screaming till fed.doesnt happen hoping things will get better by 9mths

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