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Does this sound like self weaning? 10 mth old

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Minnie24 Mon 19-Sep-11 20:57:54

DD has been dropping feeds over the last few weeks but in the last few days has just back hard on them, not only the frequency but also the length of the feed. She is very hit and miss with her afternoon feed, previously feeeding for about 1/2 hr now only about 10 mins if at all. 2/3 night feeds gone from 15-20 mins to 5 mins and the last couple of nights have refused her bedtime feed. I am frantic about supply, should I be pumping or is it a waste of time at this stage. I had my 1st period at the weekend, dont know if this is a factor at all or as a result of reduced feeds? I feel rubbish as I really dont want to stop breastfeeding.. Also, worried as she wont take milk by any other method.

MockingbirdsNotForSale Mon 19-Sep-11 21:17:09

Periods can alter the taste for them which can be off putting. That age is a classic age for a nursing strike. has some good advice on this. I read that babies of that age do not self-wean. Also that was the same age my DD was when her feeds started getting much shorter. I think she was just getting more efficient. I wouldn't worry about supply too much at this stage as you've equalised by now, but pumping might be good to keep the supply up if you're worried. Good luck

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